Durham: 06.15.17 WEBINAR Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

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Starts:06/15/2017 12:00 PM

Ends:06/15/2017 1:00 PM

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Durham: 06.15.17 WEBINAR Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

Marijuana is steadily becoming more commonplace in Canada. Societal views are evolving and the use of marijuana is less stigmatized, while at the same time, marijuana is now used for medicinal purposes. And while medical marijuana can be a relief for a number of health conditions, the accommodation of medical marijuana is emerging as a prevalent issue facing Canadian workplaces

Join Stuart Rudner, a leading Employment Lawyer and a Partner at Rudner MacDonald LLP, as he discusses some of the challenges associated with accommodating medical marijuana in the workplace. Stuart will address the distinct issues employers may encounter, including the duty to accommodate, the relevance of safety concerns and other bona fide occupational requirements, the use of policies, and how to address potential abuse. The prescribed use of medical marijuana will only increase over the next few years, so join us for this session to ensure your organization is prepared, and ready to accommodate.

Learning Objectives:

• How to respond to employee requests for accommodation of medical marijuana

• Assessing the duty to accommodate and balancing safety and other concerns

• Designing appropriate policies to address drug use and abuse

• How to manage cases of suspected marijuana abuse

• Discipline and dismissal

Speaker bio(s)

 Stuart Rudner

Stuart Rudner, Lawyer

Stuart Rudner is a founding partner of Rudner MacDonald LLP, a boutique law firm specializing in Canadian Employment Law.

Stuart provides senior counsel in all aspects of the employment relationship including policies and procedures, hiring, employment agreements, human rights issues, reducing labour costs, restrictive covenants, discipline and termination.

With offices in Toronto and York Region, the firm works with employers and employees, helping them to understand their legal rights and obligations and providing the strategic advice they need to pursue their goals. At every stage, Stuart's focus is on achieving practical, cost-effective solutions for his clients.

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