Peel: 10.13.16 PD Day: An Update on Employment and Labour Law

6 hours

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Starts:10/13/2016 8:30 AM

Ends:10/13/2016 4:45 PM

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Lionhead Golf & Country Club

8525 Mississauga Road

Brampton, ON


Members: $90 + HST | Guests: $125 + HST


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Peel: 10.13.16 PD Day: An Update on Employment & Labour Law

Due to popular demand and limited seating, registration will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please register early to be guaranteed a spot! Additional registrations will be placed on a waiting list.

Whirlwind Tour of Key Labour and Employment Law Hot Topics
• Occupational Health and Safety Charges (JJL)
• Social Media Harassment: How Should Employers Respond? (MJM)
• Gender Identity and Expression in the Workplace (GVC)
• Changing Workplace Review: Interim Report (AJH)
• Medical Marijuana in the Workplace (AEL)

About the presenter: Alyson M. Frankie

Changes to Employment Insurance are scheduled to become effective on January 1, 2017. The federal government and provinces are also planning to expand the Canada Pension Plan. This session examines the steps Ontario employers can take to prepare for the implementation of EI changes and an expanded CPP. 

About the presenter: Jacqui J. Luksha

In a recently arbitration decision, the termination of a long service employee for bullying was upheld. The case will be discussed as well as other examples to illustrate what workplace bullying can look like, the progressive discipline process used to address the behaviour and the consequences of failing to address the behaviour.  

About the presenter: Amanda J. Hunter

The truth is always stranger than fiction. This session will explore some of the recent entertaining and bizarre termination cases and test the audience’s skills on whether just cause for termination was established or not.  

About the presenter: Matthew J. Mihailovich

Can employers give notice of new terms and conditions of employment? If so, how much notice is required? What does the notice need to say? In this session we will review recent case law on unilateral changes to employment terms and other recent constructive dismissal cases of note. 

About the presenter: Gargi V. Chopra

Are the risks increasing for employers for human rights claims? How much is the HRTO awarding in damages these days? What are the new an novel types of applications being considered and how are the being dealt with by the Tribunal? These questions will be answered in this session while also highlighting some recent cases that make you stop and ask yourself “What were they thinking?” 

About the presenter: Amanda E. Lawrence

What were you doing on September 8, 2016? This is the date that the new landscape for preventing workplace harassment took shape. In this session we will review the requirements of the new legislation and the Ministry of Labour’s Code of Practice and expectations for compliance. We will finish with some recent cases at the OLRB regard reprisals and what employers need to consider going forward to avoid pitfalls.  

About the presenter: Kathryn J. Bird

The statistics for how many Canadians will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime are disquieting. Employers are increasingly facing sick leave claims and requests for accommodation from employees who find the stress of the workplace and day to day life overwhelming. Then there are the employees who don’t ask for help but probably should. Managing mental health issues in the workplace is no easy task. In this session we will discuss the latest strategies, processes and what to avoid in navigating mental health at work.  

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