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West Toronto Chapter of the Human Resources Professionals Association 

As you'll quickly learn from viewing this website, West Toronto is an industrious Chapter of the HRPA focused on doing everything we can to add value to our 600 + Chapter members. The following reports will provide you with an excellent overview of our Chapter.

The 2016 HRPA Member Survey demonstrated that the West Toronto Chapter is becoming a leading HRPA Chapter in Ontario.   The Survey Results are available below for your information:

[Chapter's Survey Report​]

The West Toronto Chapter Annual Business Meeting took place on May 11, 2016. The following report to our community reflects the Chapter's work and achievements over the past fiscal year [May 11 2016 ABM Speaking Notes.pdfMay 11 2016 ABM Speaking Notes.pdf ]

We achieve our goals through the work of volunteers. You can read more about the important work of our amazing volunteers here [Volunteer Update​]. 

Our work is guided by a Operating Plan to assist us to achieve our vision: To be the leader in Chapter engagement within the HRPA providing opportunities for our members to connect, develop and contribute.  Please take a moment to read our plan to learn more about us. [HRPWT Strategic Plan] Your feedback and input on our plan, which we see as a living document, is always welcome.

This events list​ will give you an overview of the events offered during the last fiscal year.  More information on each event is posted in the events section of our website. Please reach out to the Programs Director with your event ideas this summer.  We want your ideas.  

We would love to tell you more about how we work and how you can get engaged in our Chapter.  Please take a few minutes to review the Annual Business Meeting presentation above as well as last year's ABM.  This will give you a strong sense of what we are achieving as a Chapter.   2014ABMPresentation.pdf2014ABMPresentation.pdf 

In summary, we're all about planning as many volunteer, learning and networking opportunities as we can to give everyone plenty of ways to contribute and connect. You can learn more about our volunteer campaign here: VolunteerCampaignDecember12015.pdfVolunteerCampaignDecember12015.pdf.  If you are a member of our chapter, you'll also see regular updates on the success of our campaign in your inbox. We aim to thank and recognize every volunteer this year.  We've launched our Mentorship Engagement Program and a new Sponsorship Campaign, too.  The Sponsorship program is designed to help us raise funds for a conference which will take place on November 10, 2016 at the Weston Golf & Country Club. We will have great speakers at this event.  We need to raise $10,000 to make the conference great. You can join our Sponsorship campaign by learning more: 2015SponsorInformationPackage.pdf2015SponsorInformationPackage.pdf

Contact us anytime for more information by connecting with one of our Directors.​



Good To Know

  • As a HRPA West Toronto Chapter member you will receive monthly 'Community News' updates in your inbox to ensure you are up-to-date on Chapter news.
  • Most of our events take place at the Weston Golf & Country Club to enable our events to take place in an amazing venue at the lowest cost possible.
  • Our events feature expert HR leaders and offer our members an opportunity to gain new insights, reflect on their practice, talk about HR challenges and ideas, and build their HR network.
  • Members are encouraged to bring plenty of business cards to each event to leverage our monthly get-togethers as an opportunity to build a stronger community of practice. By connecting with each other, post event, members can share their knowledge of HR practice, help each other find jobs in HR, and seek advice on HR matters when its needed the most.
  • We really listen to members and enable them to choose events that matter most to them. For example, last year we hosted job search and job networking events because we recognize that gaining a rewarding HR job matters the most to many of our members.
  • We also aim to do more with less member dollars. We have created a unique and innovative sponsorship program called Best in the West to help us enable our members to build stronger connections with an expanded HR community. This West Toronto original program enables members to ask their preferred HR suppliers to support our chapter by paying$250 each to help us build stronger community connections and give members an easy opportunity to contribute to a special education fund. We've already raised over $4000 towards our $10,000 goal. And we have many sponsors engaging with us right now. The funds will bring all the sponsors and members together for a free, world-class, educational event in the fall of 2014.
  • We're keen on helping our members, whether they are students or seasoned professionals, find something valuable in our education programs. So you'll see a wide range of speakers and a wide range of topics planned.
  • We're also proud to plan student events- which are always well attended -and run scholarship programs at York and Humber to recognize and encourage emerging HR talent.

You can help us build a stronger chapter by joining us at a special event, or perhaps by connecting in some other way that works best for you. There's a vast number of ways you can contribute to our collective success. Supporting the Best in the West program, joining us on LinkedIn and Twitter, offering an internship to one of our members seeking work, running for a Board position, or volunteering to mentor a member are just a few of the other ways you can make a difference. Other ideas are always welcome!

Additional Ways To Contribute To The Success Of Your Chapter

A key goal of our chapter is to maximize member engagement so that we can also maximize the value our members gain from their membership costs. There are several ways you can contribute to your chapter's success and make the difference. Examples are provided below:

  1. Support our Sponsorship Campaign

    This is a simple way for you to contribute to the chapter's goal to raise funds to offer members access to leading HRM education for no cost. Members contact one of their HR Service Providers and ask them to sponsor the Chapter. The Service Providers pay $250 and this contribution goes into a special education fund for a future event. Once we raise funds through this program in 2015, we will bring all of the sponsors together with members for a special, free, chapter event. Sponsors receive multiple benefits from supporting this program. Sponsor benefits include having their logo and service offering (s)listed on our website and shared with our membership at multiple events and through e-blasts throughout the year. E-mail your sponsorship contact information to Special thanks to the following HR Service Providers who have already sponsored our program. Be sure to visit their websites and contact them to let them know how much you appreciate their support!

  2. Become a Mentor

    We have exciting news about our Mentorship Program. We won an HRPA award this year for our success in this important area of HRM. The Mentorship Program was a great success last year and we hope to have another great year. The HRPWT Mentorship Program is a fun way to engage in and give back to your HR community as a Mentor.

    Learn More

  3. Volunteer

    Volunteers are always needed. Attend any event and ask how you can volunteer your talents and services by speaking with our membership Director about how you can help. One excellent way you can volunteer is to become a Board Member. Board Member responsibilities and accountabilities are highlighted in the HRPA Board Nomination Package. Board Members are elected. At the local chapter level, Board members are hands-on members - this means that beyond meeting on a monthly basis the team does a great deal of administrative work such as updating websites, writing communications, visiting schools to promote the profession and the association and many other tasks based on the job descriptions provided by HRPA for each role. A key goal in the current fiscal year is to ask more members to volunteer to become Board members.