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Volunteer Info

Important Information for 2013 Annual Conference & Trade Show Volunteers

New this year – Applicants must register to volunteer through Conexsys, our online Registration company for the Conference.

HRPA generally receives over 600 applications each year. This year approximately 250 volunteers will be selected for the Annual Conference. Please note that you must be an HRPA member to volunteer at the Annual Conference.


Volunteer Orientation Webinars


We welcome applications from past Annual Conference volunteers but cannot guarantee selection or placement. Volunteer selections will be based on the needs of the conference.

Volunteer Responsibilities

IMPORTANT: The Volunteer Manual, AODA Policy and Procedure document and, the Code of Conduct documents will be available on the conference site by December 1, 2012. You will be required to sign-off that you have read and agree to abide by the rules, when you pick up your volunteer badge at the conference.

As an Annual Conference volunteer, your responsibilities include:

  • Being available for all three days of the conference (some may be required pre-conference for set-up/registration on January 22, 2013)
  • Arriving on time to all scheduled shifts
  • Attendance the Orientation Session via webinar
  • Adherence to HRPA's Rules of Professional Conduct
  • A helpful and enthusiastic personality and respect for confidentiality
  • Volunteers are responsible for their own accommodation and travel expenses

You will receive:

  • Continental breakfast and sandwich lunch will be provided in the Volunteer Lounge (Room 810) upon sign-in at the Conference Office each day (Room 801B)
  • Casual wear uniform for the conference – two conference shirts
  • CHRP recertification points: 1 point per day, plus 1.5 per hour of professional development as described below
  • A conference pass for attendance at sessions when not volunteering – space permitting, host rules apply
  • Access to speaker presentation materials on our website

CHRP Members can earn Recertification Points in the following ways:

Volunteering for the Annual Conference will award 1 point per day (including the orientation). (CHRPs can acquire a maximum of 5 points per year for volunteering for administrative tasks in an HR Association under section B11 of the National Recertification log.)

Volunteers are encouraged to attend speaker presentations when they are not volunteering (space permitting). 1.5 points are earned per hour of professional development (to a maximum of 10 points per day).


Metro Toronto Convention Centre
South Building
222 Bremner Boulevard
Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3L9

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the HRPA Annual Conference & Trade Show!