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Regulation and HR Designations

The Office of the Registrar is the hub of regulatory activity at HRPA. The object of HRPA's regulatory framework is to protect the public interest by ensuring that human resources professionals registered with and certified by HRPA are competent and act in an ethical manner. In addition, the Registrar is responsible for maintaining the HRPA Public Register, the official statutory list of all HRPA members. 

Important Deadlines & Registrar News
2014/2015 I Older
​Feb 18, 2015 Register for Maintaining your Designation through CPD free webinar
​Dec 12, 2014 ​CKE results released via email on Dec 12 at 12:00 noon
​Dec 1, 2014 ​CKE Registration June 6, 2015 now open
Oct 16, 2014 OAP Registration now open
Oct 2, 2014 CKE Eligibility to write letters released via email
​Feb 24, 2014 Transcript Submission Form now online!
​Nov 6, 2013 Bill 32 becomes the Registered Human Resources Professionals Act, 2013

Regulation of HR
Understanding Regulation
Statutory Objects
View the Registered Human Resources Professionals Act, 2013 (PDF)
Professional Liability Insurance
Rules of Professional Conduct (PDF)

HR Designations
CKE1 Exam Central ​​
CKE2 Exam Central ​​​
Continuing Professional 
Development (Recertification)
Honourary Designations

FAQ on the Scoring of the Exams​

HRPA Challenge Exams​

Complaints and Discipline
Professional Conduct
Complaints and Investigations Process
Discipline Information
Accommodation Policy
Deferral & Withdrawal Policy
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) extension policy
Late Transcript Policy
Medical or Personal Emergency Policy
Mutual Recognition Policy ​
Professional Advisory: Use of protected titles granted by HRPA
Reinstatement Policy
Request for Deadline Extension Policy
Medical or Personal Emergency Policy
Transcript Submission Policy and Form
Forms, Applications and Guides
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Handbook and Guides
CHRP Forms and Applications
Administrative Forms and Applications