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 Professional Liability Insurance for Independent Practitioners

Since June 1, 2009, all members of HRPA who provide HR services as independent practitioners, whether full-time, part-time, infrequent or volunteer are required to carry professional liability insurance.  This obligation applies to members who may only perform very occasional consulting work, even if that consulting work is done without any payment or compensation.

Professional Liability insurance is intended to cover claims made against a professional person for the losses suffered by a third party because of the failure on the part of the professional to meet the expected standards of performance of the professional’s services. This type of insurance is also called ‘malpractice liability’ or ‘errors and omissions’ insurance. The terms are generally regarded as synonymous by the insurance industry.

The requirement for independent practitioners to carry professional liability insurances is part of the HRPA Rules of Professional Conduct that all members of HRPA must agree to abide by as a condition of membership in the Association. To help members better understand this insurance requirement, we have put together a Guide to Professional Liability Insurance.

On October 31, 2012, HRPA’s online public register was upd​ated to show if members of HRPA are authorized for independent practice (i.e., they have provided HRPA with proof of professional liability insurance coverage) or not authorized for independent practice (they have not provided HRPA with proof of professional liability insurance coverage). For this field to indicate that you are authorized for independent practice, you must:

  1. Inform HRPA of the name of your insurance broker and your policy number by filling out and submitting the Professional Liability Insurance Coverage Information Form to HRPA
  2. Forward proof of your insurance coverage to HRPA (e.g., a copy of your insurance certificate or a document sent directly to HRPA from your insurance provider)
  3. Ask your broker/insurer to notify HRPA of any cancellation of the insurance or changes in the terms of the insurance policy
  4. Give HRPA permission to verify your insurance coverage with your broker/insurer

Your information will be reviewed and verified by Office of the Registrar staff.​​​​