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Internationally Educated Professionals

The Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) is committed to providing fair, transparent and accessible registration and certification processes for internationally educated human resources professionals (HR IEPs).

Certification - a "warrant of competence" or "warrant of expertise"

Members who successfully complete HRPA's certification process earn the right to use the title Certified Human Resources Professional and use the initials CHRP after their name.  The goal of the certification process is to ensure that human resources professionals who are certified by HRPA possess the knowledge and skills to perform important HR activities in a competent and ethical manner.  This is part of HRPA's mandate to regulate the HR profession in the public interest.

Gaining the CHRP designation can help prepare HR IEPs for the realities of the Ontario labour market. There are five requirements that must be met in order to earn the designation: 

  • Membership in HRPA (must be a member in good standing to write the exam or have experience assessed)
  • Coursework requirement
  • National Knowledge Exam (must meet the coursework requirement before writing the exam)
  • Experience requirement
  • Degree requirement

The Alternate Route

HRPA has developed an Alternate Route program in which international HR experience at a professional level, alone or in combination with formal training, coursework, and/or other relevant designations, is assessed as an alternative way to meet the CHRP coursework requirement. The Alternate Route uses a points-based system that recognizes professional level HR experience, formal training, coursework and other HR designations. Candidates must obtain 50 points to pass the application to qualify to be eligible to write the National Knowledge Exam. In addition, if international HR experience alone is assessed through the Alternate Route as fully meeting the CHRP coursework requirement, it meets the CHRP experience requirement as well.

Other support for HR IEPs

In order to help HR IEPs understand the process for earning the CHRP, HRPA has developed the Certification Guide for Internationally Educated Professionals (PDF).

In addition, HR IEPs should know:

  • The experience requirement for the CHRP can be met entirely with professional level HR experience from outside Ontario
  • The degree requirement can be met with a degree from outside Ontario (international degrees must be assessed by an approved provider for equivalence to a Canadian degree)
  • Internationally educated professionals are eligible to pay a lower membership fee for their first year of membership in HRPA

The Certification Guide for Internationally Educated Professionals (PDF) should be used together with the complete HRPA Certification Handbook (PDF) which provides more detailed information about the certification process. Please visit the Regulation and HR Designations section of our website for more information or contact us at

Qualities of Successful IEPs

  • Self-confidence
  • Focus
  • Determination
  • Effective Communication
  • Knowledge
  • Adaptability
  • Resilience
  • Capacity for Work
  • Acceptance
  • Sociability
  • Patience
  • Future-orientation
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Human Resources Connections

Human Resources Connections is a seven-week employment  outcome program designed to integrate internationally trained human resources professionals into their field of expertise. The ACCES Employment model includes strong employer interaction, an academic curriculum delivered by Sheridan College focusing on Canadian context, mentoring opportunities, job placement, and post-hire supports.

More Information - IEP's (PDF)


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