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 Honourary Designations

In addition to the CHRP, CHRL and CHRE, HRPA has three honorary designations:

All three honorary designations recognize exceptional contributions to the profession.


The differences among the three designations are as follows:

  • The FHRPA is available to all designated members
  • The EHRP is restricted to those individuals who do not have a CHRP. The EHRP will also be available to those individuals who are not members of HRPA, or individuals who may not have worked primarily as HR professionals.
  • The DHRP is intended for academics who have made an exceptional contribution to the profession.

All three honorary designations recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the profession or the Association in at least three of the categories below:

  • Strategic positioning of the Human Resources profession
  • Advocacy on behalf of the HR profession to government policy makers
  • Development, sharing and promotion of innovative HR ideas, policies and practices
  • Service to provincial HR associations
  • Service to the broader community/social responsibility.

How are they awarded?

The following applies to all three honorary designations:

  • They awarded on the basis of contributions to the human resources management profession or to the Association
  • Candidates for an honorary designation must be nominated, they cannot apply
  • The honorary designations will be awarded by HRPA’s Board of Directors upon recommendation of HRPA’s Awards Committee
  • The decision of the Board to award, or not to award, any honorary designation is not appealable
  • The honorary designations are granted in perpetuity (unless the subsequent behaviour of the designation-holder warrants rescinding the designation). FHRPA designation holders must continue to be members in good standing of the Association and meet the requirements for maintaining the designation.

The essential difference between the FHRPA and the EHRP is that EHRP nominees need not be designated members and need not be HR professionals. DHRP nominees are also considered based on the same criteria but who have pursued academic careers.

Selection Process

The selection process for all three of HRPA’s honorary designations will be conducted by the Awards Committee based on nominations to the Committee. The Awards Committee will submit the slate of recommended candidates to the HRPA Board for approval.

The process begins with a call for nominations. The cycle is an annual one.

HRPA’s Award Committee will review nominations, gather more information as required, conduct interviews if necessary. The Awards Committee will make recommendations for approval by the HRPA Board of Directors.

There is no requirement that any or all of the honorary designations be granted in any given year and there are no limits on the number of honorary designations that may be granted in any given year.