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 CKE1 Exam Central

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Transcript Assessment and Transcript Submission Form and Fee
Testing Dates, Application Deadlines and Fees
Special Accommodation Request
Accommodation of Religious Observance
Deferrals, Withdrawals and No-Shows / Medical and Personal Emergencies
How do I get my results?

Registration for the June 11, 2016 CKE 1 is now closed. HRPA will no longer be accepting registrations.

Testing Dates, Application Deadlines and Fees
HRPA has a Transcript Submission  Policy that allows individuals to register for the CKE1  before submitting final grades for the required courses. A transcript with the courses completed to date must be submitted at the time of registration, however final grades for courses still in progress can be submitted by the  transcript deadline date of May 27, 2016.
For more information view HRPA's Late Transcript Policy.

Examination Date Registration Deadline TRANSCRIPT DEADLINE Late Registration Period​ ($75.00 Late Fee Applies)
​June 11, 2016​ ​April 11, 2016 ​May 27, 2016 ​April 12 -15, 2016
​Nov 5, 2016 ​September 6, 2016 ​September 16, 2016 Sept 6 -9, 2016​
IMPORTANT: HRPA will not accept any exam registrations beyond the above posted dates, regardless of the circumstances. This includes registrations mailed before the deadline. Registrations must be received at HRPA offices before the end of day (5:30 pm) on the registration deadline date. Registrants who miss the deadline will be required to register for the next CKE1 administration.

The cost to register for the CKE is $275 + HST.  There is a 3-day late registration period after the registration deadline during which members may register for the exam for an additional fee of $75.00 + HST

Registration for the CKE1 can only be done online. Individuals who are paying by cheque only must contact the Office of the Registrar, to obtain a registration form and register for the exam. The online registration link can be found in the I want to section of this page.

Please note: As of November 2015 there will be two exams, CKE1 and CKE 2.
The CKE1 is required for the CHRP (entry level) designation and is valid ONLY for the CHRP. 
The CKE2 is required for the CHRL (professional level) designation. However, the CKE2 is valid for BOTH the CHRP and the CHRL.

This means: 
  • Applicant who successfully complete the CKE2 in November of 2015 will earn the CHRP designation which they may use while they complete the remaining requirements for the CHRL designation. However if the CKE 2 is written in 2016, additional requirements must be met in order to obtain the CHRP designation.
  • An applicant who successfully completes the CKE1 in November of 2015 will earn the CHRP. If they decide later that they wish to earn the CHRL, they will have to successfully complete CKE2 exam at that time as well as meeting any additional requirements.
  • All CKE1 registrants should review the applicable certification handbooks. 
As of October 29, 2014, members who successfully complete the CKE are granted the CHRP designation.As of Spring 2016, the CHRP designation will also require successful completion of a Job Ready program, and as of Summer 2016, an HR law exam must also be successfully completed. Members with the CHRP designation must maintain their membership in HRPA and must meet the ongoing continuing professional development (CPD) requirement in order to maintain the designation.



Exam Content and Delivery


The CKE1 starting in November of 2015 will be based on the new competency framework, which will feature 9 functional domains as it relates to academic knowledge. Academic knowledge refers to basic facts, policies, practices, methods, legislation, etc. It is information that can be written into procedures and transferred fairly accurately during the learning process. Examples of academic knowledge include: the rights and responsibilities of management and labour during union organizing and negotiation processes; the various methods of training and developing staff; and human rights, employment equity and pay equity legislation) or referred to as the Competency Framework as they relate to academic knowledge. Academic knowledge refers to basic facts, policies, practices, methods, legislation, etc. It is information that can be written into procedures and transferred fairly accurately during the learning process. The CKE1's questions are based on the content in the following nine HR-related areas, or functional dimensions, under which the RPCs are organized. The following provides a guideline regarding the extent to which each area of knowledge is emphasized within the CKE1. 

Functional Dimensions Percent # Questions
​Strategy ​4% ​6
​Professional Practice ​12% ​18
​Organizational Effectiveness​ ​12% ​18
​Workforce Planning and Talent Management ​12% ​18
​Labour and Employee Relations​ ​12% ​18
​Total Rewards ​12% ​18
​Learning and Development ​12% ​18
​Health, Wellness, and Safe Workplace ​12% ​18
​Reporting and Financial Management​ ​12% ​18
​Test items (not scored) ​25
TOTAL 100% 175

The CKE1 consists of multiple choice questions and is available in both French and English. The time limit for the CKE1 is three hours and thirty minutes:175 questions, multiple choice format (25 of which are unscored, experimental items sorted randomly throughout). The exam is administered in paper-and-pencil format in approximately thirty locations across Ontario. By special arrangement, the CKE1 may be administered in other locations as well. There are a number of exam preparation products available in the marketplace.


Pre-requisites and Eligibility to Write


Applicants must be a member in good standing of HRPA and must meet the coursework requirement before they are eligible to write the Comprehensive Knowledge Exam (CKE1).

Proof of a completed degree is not required to write the CKE1, nor is it required to earn the CHRP, but it will be required in order to earn the CHRL designation. More information about the degree requirement.

Registration for the CKE1 does not constitute eligibility to write.  After an applicant has registered and paid the required fee, HRPA staff members confirm whether or not the coursework requirement has been met and is valid.  Individuals who are deemed eligible to write the CKE1 will receive an "Authorization to Write Letter" by email approximately one month prior to the CKE1 administration date.  Applicants who do not meet the coursework requirement will be refunded the CKE1 registration fee.


Transcript Assessment and Transcript Submission Form and Fee


Individuals using the course by course method to meet the coursework requirement must submit complete academic transcripts including final grades for all nine required courses. Individuals submitting their first transcript in support of the CHRP coursework requirement must complete and submit the Transcript Submission Form (PDF) and pay the one-time transcript processing fee of $75.00 plus HST. This is a one-time fee paid only with the submission of the member's first transcript and will cover the processing of any and all subsequent transcripts. HRPA will not accept applications and transcripts that arrive after the deadline, including those that have been mailed before the deadline.

New - the Transcript Submission Form (online) can now be completed and submitted online. Individuals are still required to submit a transcript including their final grades for all nine required courses by mail to HRPA.

Members are encouraged to submit transcripts to the association as soon as they complete each required course. HRPA tracks a member's progress in meeting the coursework requirement in our membership database. CKE1 registrants must submit transcripts before or at the time of registration.

Transcripts must be original documents. Photocopies, web printouts, scanned, emailed copies and faxes will not be accepted as official documentation. Transcripts may be forwarded to HRPA directly by an educational institution at the request of a member. However, members are responsible for ensuring that the correct surname appears on the transcript so it can be matched to their member profile.

It takes approximately 2-4 weeks for transcripts to be assessed. Upon receipt of transcripts for an active member, an email confirming receipt of the transcripts is sent, and an email is sent once the assessment is complete and the member can view the results of the assessment in their online educational record.

Individuals applying via the Alternate Route to meet the coursework requirement are not required to submit a Transcript Submission Form.  Members must apply for the Alternate Route assessment before registering to write the CKE1.  

*Please note that in order to be eligible to write the CKE1 on November 5, 2016, your Alternate Route application must be submitted on or before June 30, 2016.

Original transcripts for active members can be mailed or couriered to:

HRPA - Attention: Office of the Registrar - Transcripts
150 Bloor Street West
Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2X9   

Special Accommodation Request


HRPA has developed an Accommodations Policy to provide reasonable testing accommodations for individuals with documented disabilities.  Reasonable accommodation refers to any adjustment to the examination materials or testing environment that permits a qualified applicant with a disability to perform without undue hardship to the institution providing accommodation. Documented disabilities are those for which there is a diagnosis by a qualified professional.

The purpose of accommodations is to provide equity, not advantage. Any requested modification that would substantially alter essential elements of the examination will not be granted. 

Accommodation of Religious Observance


Requests for religious accommodation must be made at the time of registration.  For those who cannot write the exam on a Saturday, the alternate test day is the Monday following the Saturday test date. 

Deferrals, Withdrawals and No-Shows / Medical and Personal Emergencies


Please see the Office of the Registrar Policies for information on Deferrals, Withdrawals and No-shows and Medical and Personal Emergencies.

CKE1 Exam Results

CKE1 results are available approximately two months after the exam.  The exact date and time will be posted in the "Important Dates and News" area of "the Office of the Registrar" section of the HRPA website. HRPA will also post instructions on how to access result information.

Members must ensure they are members in good standing of the association and that they keep their profile with us up to date with current contact information, including and most importantly email. All exam related correspondence from the Office of the Registrar is emailed. Members must also ensure that their email address provider recognizes HRPA as a safe source for emails.

Please do not call the Office of the Registrar asking for results over the phone or for early release. HRPA staff are not allowed to release results over the phone, and HRPA cannot release early results under any circumstances.

How do I get my results?

HRPA posts your exam result in the educational profile page of your online member profile. Your profile is password protected, and is accessible via the HRPA website. HRPA will also release exam results via email in the form of a letter.

Note that your educational profile page will not be available and will be shut down a few days prior to the grade release date -- this is necessary for technical reasons.