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 Evening Academic Program

Fall 2014 Registration now open! Registration Deadline: Sept 5, 2014

The Evening Academic Program (EAP) provides the educational foundation for a career in human resources management. It has been designed specifically to help individuals meet the academic course requirements necessary for completing the coursework requirement for the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation.

Adult learners comprise the majority of our student population. As a result, classes remain relatively small in size (a maximum capacity of 34 to 36 people) to ensure an interactive environment where students are given the undivided attention they require.

The EAP runs on a three semester schedule, with semesters beginning in the fall (September to December), winter (January to April) and spring (May to August).

The program is available at HRPA’s office in downtown Toronto:

HRPA Education Centre
150 Bloor Street West
Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2X9
Fax: 416-923-8956

Please note that students attending evening classes starting at 6:30 p.m. may not enter the classroom before 6:00 p.m.

HRPA Evening Academic Program Student Code of Conduct

In order to protect the integrity of the teaching, learning, testing and evaluation processes of the EAP, it shall be considered an academic offence if any student:

  • Uses or possesses an unauthorized aid to obtain or receive unauthorized assistance, or impersonates someone at any term test or examination
  • Knowingly represents any idea, work or expression of an idea of another as that of the student's own in any of the project and classroom work submitted during the course
  • Submits any work containing a purported statement of fact or reference that has been invented without foundation
  • Forges, alters or falsifies any record, or utters or makes use of any such forged, altered or falsified record
  • Behaves in any manner that is disruptive to the class and detrimental to the learning experience of the other students in the class

In the case of plagiarism, invention without foundation or falsification, such as those outlined in the above, the student with be notified of the accusation by the instructor, professional standards coordinator or HRPA Registrar as applicable in the circumstances.

In the case of cheating during an examination or the instructor/exam proctor's belief that cheating has occurred, the following steps will be taken:

  • The examination paper will be confiscated
  • The student will be escorted from the examination location or venue

If an infraction of the HRPA EAP Student Code of Conduct occurs or is believed to have occurred during class tests or activities:

  • The instructor will notify the professional standards coordinator
  • The professional standards coordinator will notify the HRPA Registrar in writing
  • The Registrar will consider the matter and recommend action for enforcement in a timely fashion


HRPA member fees for individual courses is $445.00 + $57.85 HST = $502.85
HRPA non-member fees for individual courses is $545 + $70.85 HST = $615.85

Methods of Payment

Payment for evening courses can be made in one of the following ways:

  • Personal Cheque
  • Business Cheque
  • Cash (At the HRPA office)
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express


Textbooks are included in the individual course fees and are distributed to students on the first day of class. Individuals who do not plan to attend class on the first day must make alternate arrangements to obtain their textbooks as the books will not be distributed at any other time.

Education Records

HRPA maintains an online education record for members only. Upon joining the association, original grade letters for course credits previously earned must be submitted to HRPA for inclusion in the online records.

Program Entry Requirements

There is no English proficiency requirement needed to register for courses in the Evening Academic Program. However, to ensure success in the courses, it is strongly recommended that course registrants have both verbal and written proficiency at the post-secondary level.

There are no prerequisite courses to be completed before registering in any of the HRPA Evening Academic Program courses. Courses can be completed in any order and do not have to be completed solely at HRPA. HRPA is not a degree-granting institution and, as a result, there is no application process for entering the program. Individuals may simply register for courses as they wish and entry is subject to course availability only.

It is recommended that individuals registering for finance and managerial accounting have a basic understanding of accounting concepts to ensure success in the course.

Course Withdrawal and Refund Policy

All requests to withdraw from a course must be sent in writing to the Office of the Registrar.

All refund requests are subject to a $25 administrative fee:

Refund Request Received

% Refunded

Up to or immediately following first day of class and before second scheduled class


On second day of class or before third scheduled class


On or after third scheduled class


EAP students who withdraw from a course must return the textbook to HRPA before the course fees will be refunded. HRPA membership fees are not refunded as a result of withdrawing from a course.