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HRPA Seminars

HRPA has a long history of providing practical, experiential learning opportunities. HRPA seminars include ​one- and two-day courses that will enhance your ability to resolve issues and manage the complexities of a variet​y of HR functions.
11/4/2014HRPAPowerful Results and Personal Success Through InfluenceSeminar: full-dayHR LEADERSHIP
11/12/2014HRPAHR Skills for HR AssistantsSeminar: two-dayPERFORMANCE AND REWARDS
11/13/2014HRPAStrategies for High Risk TerminationsSeminar: half-dayEMPLOYEE RELATIONS
11/20/2014HRPAMental Health at WorkSeminarOCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY
11/25/2014HRPAEffective Communication: Influencing the Unwilling, the Unconcerned and the Unmotivated at WorkSeminarLEARNING AND TALENT DEVELOPMENT
11/26/2014HRPAA Complete Guide to Employment LawSeminar: two-dayEMPLOYEE RELATIONS
12/4/2014HRPABest Practices for Hiring and FiringSeminarEMPLOYEE RELATIONS
12/5/2014HRPAEffective Joint Health and Safety Committee:Address Health and Safety Issues with Clarity and ConfidenceSeminar: half-dayOCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY
12/12/2014HRPAPay Equity ComplianceSeminarPERFORMANCE AND REWARDS
1/27/2015HRPAThe Modern Human Rights Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities for EmployersSeminarEMPLOYEE RELATIONS
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