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HRPA Live & On-Demand Webinars

Online HR professional development that fits your schedule. HRPA's library of live and on-demand webinars provide focused HR learning on a wide variety of topics.
Live Webinars

Sometimes, events move too quickly for professional development calendars and sometimes the thoughtleaders who know most about the issues at hand are hundreds or thousands of kilometres away. When any or all of these factors come into play the HRPA live webinar format provides an ideal solution.
On-demand webinars

On-demand webinars (30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes) provide a low-cost and very convenient platform for learning. Recording an event for playback whenever and wherever you want, makes the on-demand webinar format an ideal companion to other HRPA professional development programs.

Slides are not provided for the on-demand webinars.

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​​HR Downloads Webinars
4/16/2014HRPAExpanding You Horizons: HR and NetworkingWebinar: liveGPS: Organization Design and Development
4/25/2014HRPAComplimentary Webinar:HRPA’s Regulatory FrameworkWebinar: live
4/29/2014HRPADrug Plan Sustainability: What Every HR Professional Needs to KnowWebinar: liveGPS: Employee Relations
4/30/2014HRPAOnboarding: One Chance to Get it RightWebinar: liveGPS: Organization Design and Development
5/1/2014HRPADaniel H. Pink’s Engagement Strategies that Motivate – The Drive Complimentary WebinarWebinar: liveGPS: Organization Design and Development
5/2/2014HRPAComplimentary Webinar: HRPA’s Regulatory Agenda: What’s NextWebinar: live
5/7/2014HRPAStress Management and Workplace Wellness:Healthy People Equal a Healthy WorkplaceWebinar: liveGPS: Occupational Health and Safety
5/20/2014HRPAMental Health Webinars SeriesWebinar: liveGPS: Occupational Health and Safety
5/20/2014HRPAWhat is a Psychological Health and Safety Management SystemWebinar: liveGPS: Occupational Health and Safety
5/22/2014HRPAUnion Organizing Strategies -What Your Organization Needs to KnowHR BroadcastGPS: Employee Relations
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