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The Role of Intuition Smarts in Workplace Innovation Training

HR Domains (Career GPS): Occupational Health and Safety; Organization Design and Development; Leadership Development and Organizational Culture; Employee Relations

A renewed focus on innovation means that both training and new assumptions are needed to support the growth of new ideas. One of the things that might not be top of mind in innovation training is intuition skills. Yet, if everyone had intuition smarts, innovation would be a cinch. Arupa Tesolin, an expert in intuition and developing intuition skills, illustrates the hidden world of intuition and its deep relationship in the creative process, and why you’ll want to include it alongside other innovation skills.

  • Three questions everybody always asks about intuition
  • The ONE important question they should really be asking
  • Experiencing intuition –- what it is and how it shows up
  • Cracking infinity -- the core relationship between imagination and intuition
  • How the “Law of Attraction” really describes the creative process
  • The neurology of intuition and brain-state responses 
  • Stress reduction -- the hidden benefit of intuition development
  • How to use experiential approaches to develop intuition team abilities


Arupa Tesolin, Learning Paths International
Arupa Tesolin is an intuition expert, a member of the Global Intuition Network, and an innovation trainer who leads workshops and train the trainer programs that develop intuition and innovation skills. Arupa is the author of 2 books, Ting! A Surprising Way to Listen to Intuition & Do Business Better, rated 4 Stars by Training Magazine, Spark - Raise Your Mind to the Power of Infinity and Create Anything, and an exciting new book and workshop!

She is also the author of over 120 articles in top training and management publications internationally. Her clients include the government, associations, and both private and public companies. She also heads up Learning Paths International Canada, and is a recognized learning consultant, speaker and innovation leader with more than 25 years of experience leading innovative learning and management practices.

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March 18, 2013
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM, ET
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