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How To Investigate: The Fundamentals Of Effective Fact-Finding

Career GPS domains: Employee Relations, Learning and Talend Development, Organization Design and Development.

Develop the confidence and skills
to conduct, monitor and or supervise a thorough workplace investigation.

Master the Fundamentals of Effective Fact-Finding

This comprehensive course equips you with the knowledge and tools to conduct and monitor an objective and thorough workplace investigation.  It covers the basics applicable to virtually every type of workplace investigation or fact-finding with customized courses for public and private agencies including real life case studies.

Learn How to

  • Grasp the universal principles of excellent investigation
  • Identify issues and then plan an investigation
  • Conduct thorough witness interviews – even if they are hostile or difficult 
  • Deal with whistleblowers
  •  Absorb key findings from real life examples, with targeted case studies


Why You Should be Here

Participants will learn the basics about:

  • Planning an investigation
  • Identifying evidence and knowing where to find it
  • Conducting effective interviews
  • Assessing evidence
  • Writing clear and concise reports

What You Will Gain

  • Assess evidence related to workplace investigations
  • Write clear and comprehensive reports
  • Gather, organize and review physical, digital and documentary evidence
  • Use the Internet and Social Media as an investigative tool

Who Should Attend:

  • Internal workplace investigation investigators
  • HR professionals, front line managers, counsel, human rights, diversity and ethics advisors, harassment and grievance specialists
  • Anyone who has any involvement in investigations in the workplace 


Gareth Jones head.jpg​Presented by the Human Resources Professionals Associatrion (HRPA), Workplace Institute and Gareth Jones, Former Director of Speical Ombudsman Response Team, Office of the Ombudsman of the Department of National Defense and Canadian Forces (DND/CF)

  • Gareth is a former police sergeant with the Metropolitan Police, London, UK. He immigrated to Canada in 1988. He has a BA Honours degree in history from the University of Manchester, UK.
  • Prior to DND/CF he was an investigator with the Attorney General of the Province of Ontario, Special Investigations Unit (SIU) when it began operations in January 1991.  He was the lead investigator in the majority of cases, including allegations of sexual assault against police officers. 
  • He is the co-creator of an investigative training program that he has delivered to fact-finding agencies across the world, including UN bodies
  • He is author of Conducting Administrative, Oversight and Ombudsman Investigations, published by Canada Law Book in 2009. The book forms the basis for training he has delivered to a wide range of public and private sector organizations across the world
  • He is also the author of The Top Ten Things Not To Do When Setting Up A Police Oversight Agency and Workplace Investigations: Getting Beyond He Said, She Said and the co-author of Measuring Ombudsman Performance: Setting Performance Standards And Indicators.
  • Gareth been retained by counsel in the United States, Canada and the Cayman Islands to provide expert evidence in police shooting and pursuit cases.


“Gareth was extremely engaging – captivating examples.”
- Senior Human Resources Advisor, Infrastructure Canada

“Loved it. Practical and very relevant to what I am working on.”
- Senior Programme Advisor, CBSA

“Excellent. Gareth was dynamic knowledgeable and built a great rapport with participants.”
- Director, Litigation, External Recourse and Complaints Division Canadian Border Services Agency

“Awesome! Great content and advice. I would recommend it to any oversight body employee.”
- Manager, Canadian Human Rights Commission

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November 25, 2013
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM​
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Cartier Place Suite Hotel, Ottawa, ON
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