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HRPA Professional Development Calendar


Seeking Volunteers for 2014-15 PD Consultation Panel

HRPA is seeking volunteers to identify, research and recommend topics for, and providers of, continuing professional development for HR professionals. CHRPs, CHRLs or CHREs are eligible to participate.

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9/2/2015HRPACertificate Program for Managers and Supervisors: HR Law, Employee productivity and EngagementCertificateLEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT AND ORGANIZATION CULTURE
9/3/2015HRPALeadership Health and Safety Culture SkillsWebinar: liveHR LEADERSHIP
9/9/2015HRPAHRPA's Quarterly Employment Law Updates 1_2015-2016Webinar: liveEMPLOYEE RELATIONS
9/9/2015HRPAHRPA's Quarterly Employment Law Updates Package 2015/2016Webinar: live
9/9/2015HRPALabour Relations Certificate Program - LondonCertificateEMPLOYEE RELATIONS
9/9/2015HRPAWSIB Claims Management and Appeal OverviewSeminarEMPLOYEE RELATIONS
9/10/2015HRPAEffective Communication: Influencing the Unwilling, the Unconcerned and the Unmotivated at WorkSeminarLEARNING AND TALENT DEVELOPMENT
9/10/2015HRPAThe Duty to Accommodate: Disability, Mental Illness and Family StatusSeminarEMPLOYEE RELATIONS
9/11/2015HRPACreate a winning employment contractSeminarEMPLOYEE RELATIONS
9/11/2015HRPACreate a winning employment contractHR BroadcastEMPLOYEE RELATIONS
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