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HRPA Professional Development Calendar


Seeking Volunteers for 2014-15 PD Consultation Panel

HRPA is seeking volunteers to identify, research and recommend topics for, and providers of, continuing professional development for HR professionals. CHRP Candidates, CHRPs or SHRPs are eligible to participate.

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11/4/2014HRPAPowerful Results and Personal Success Through InfluenceSeminar: full-dayHR LEADERSHIP
11/5/2014HRPAMobile Device Management for Workplaces: Finding the Program that FitsWebinar: liveORGANIZATION DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT
11/6/2014HRPAWellness Works: Develop The Strategy That's Right For Your CompanyHR BroadcastOCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY
11/10/2014HRPAHRPA Accessibility Certificate - GuelphCertificateEMPLOYEE RELATIONS
11/11/2014HRPABuilding Success with Succession Planning - TorontoWorkshopFUNCTION MANAGEMENT
11/11/2014HRPAWorkplace Discipline and Performance ManagementHR BroadcastPERFORMANCE AND REWARDS
11/12/2014HRPAHR Skills for HR AssistantsSeminar: two-dayPERFORMANCE AND REWARDS
11/12/2014HRPAHRPA Accessibility Certificate - LondonCertificateEMPLOYEE RELATIONS
11/12/2014HRPAStarting from Scratch: Drafting Consistent and Fair Employment PoliciesWebinar: liveFUNCTION MANAGEMENT
11/13/2014HRPAIs a Drug-Free Workplace a Thing of the Past?HR BroadcastOCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY
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