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HRPA Accessibility Certificate

Accessibility in Ontario.

It's The Law. A Business Imperative. And Your Smart Move!

Attend the HRPA Accessibility Certificate Program - a comprehensive program specifically designed for HR Professionals on accessibility.
  • Modeled on the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)
  • Not only is Accessibility the law, it is also a business imperative. 
  • All organizations with over 50 employees need to submit reports to the government demonstrating compliance and make reports public and online
  • Learn how to imlement standards in five key areas
    1. customer service
    2. information and communications
    3. employment
    4. transportation
    5. the design of public spaces
  • Develop and make publicly available Multi Year Accessibility Plans (MYAPs).
  • Accessibility can help your business increase the its customer base
  • Leveraging untapped skills and to help people stay in the workforce longer
  • Aging population with increased accessibility needs and underemployed people with disabilities can help businesses address labour shortages
"Ellen Waxman's Accessibility certificate course gives great value for money. My confidence is up, the resources are great and Ellen's presentation style is open and easy. Great course and great networking too."

"AODA - feeling overwhelmed? Don't know where to start? You need to take the HRPA Accessibility Certificate course with Ellen Waxman, a leading expert on accessibility and AODA requirements. I highly recommend her and this course as the best place to start!"

"This course should be a must-have for accessibility professionals and practitioners."

"Ellen was able to educate us on our legislative requirements and mitigate our fears on the development and reporting. Highly informative and I would recommend this course to anyone. Ellen is a great teacher and speaker."

"I truly enjoyed this course and hearing from Ellen. Having been there as the foundation was built, Ellen has insights into the AODA that go far beyond just the policy and standard."

"This course provided a detailed review of the AODA requirements, supported HR professionals in understanding and supporting those with implantation guidelines."

"A course that will give you the confidence and knowledge to implement the AODA in your own organization."

WHY you should be Here:

  • In-depth understanding of the regulatory framework in Ontario for accessibility
  • Solid grasp of the AODA standards
  • Valuable insights on how businesses can meet the needs of people with disabilities and an aging population as employees and as customers
  • Tips and resources to enhance accessibility and meet requirements
  • Framework development for a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan specific to your business and  receive feedback from experts

WHAT you will Gain:

  • Participants will learn and work with the legal requirements for all five AODA standards –Customer Service, Information and Communications, Employment, Transportation and Design of Public Spaces.
  • The course also covers emerging trends in emergency preparedness for people with disabilities. 
  • A dedicated session will teach HR professionals how to communicate with web designers and others involved in developing accessible websites and documents.
  • Participants will develop a framework for their company's Multi-Year Accessibility Plan through practical hands-on experience.
  • Five modules, each builds on an understanding developed in the previous days - through a combination of presentations, videos, panels, round table discussions and case studies.
  • The final assignment requires participants to develop and present a practical framework of a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan that can be used to meet their company's AODA requirements

Who should Participate:

  • HR Professionals and Managers involved in creating an AODA mandated Multi-Year Accessibility Plan for their business, and seek more knowledge to incorporate accessibility into business practices and policies

Certificate Modules:

*You must attend ALL 5 modules (see sidebar for dates)

Module 1 - Understanding Accessibility, Disability and the AODA
Topics covered:

  • Legislative and regulatory framework of the AODA
  • Separating the facts from the myths about disability
  • What does it mean to introduce an accessibility lens into a business?
  • Introducing the Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

 Module 2 - AODA Standards and Emerging Issues– What's required? What's not?
Topics covered:

  • Lessons in customer service and what policies need to be addressed?
  • Emergency preparedness planning to cover different types of disabilities
  • Work with web developers to ensure accessible websites and forms of social media
  • Accessible forms and documents
  • Design of public spaces – what does it mean for your business

Module 3 - Focus on Employment – Promoting Inclusion

  • How to identify, prevent, and remove barriers in the workplace
  • Accommodation planning for recruitment and retention
  • How to address different disability needs – myths, stigmas and practical solutions
  • Training requirements for staff and volunteers on the AODA and the Ontario Human Rights Code

Module 4 – Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

  • Completion of accessible employment practices
  • Developing a practical Multi Year Accessibility Plan to meet AODA requirement

Module 5 - Multi Year Accessibility Plan and Reporting

  • The Multi Year Accessibility Plan is brought to life through discussion, role-playing and presentation to by a panel of experienced practitioners and experts.
  • Reporting compliance
  • Participants leave the program with a framework for a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan along with a toolkit of resources.

Facilitator/ Speaker Bio:

Ellen Waxman
Course Designer and Instructor

  • Ellen Waxman has over 25 years' professional experience developing policy,
    consulting with organizations, businesses, governments and people with disabilities. 
  • From 2007 – 2013, she was the Assistant Deputy Minister for the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario.  Ellen was in charge of developing the AODA regulations and standards, overseeing tools and resources, leading consultations and developing the compliance reporting system.
  • She is the leading expert in Ontario on accessibility and AODA requirements. And a Consultant and Leadership Coach with Leadership Intelligence,
  • Ellen has a B.A. Honours from McGill University, a Masters of Education from the University of Toronto, is a graduate of the Queen's Executive Program, an Adler Certified Professional Coach (ACPC), a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Paralympic Committee. 

Special Instructor on Accessible Websites and E-forms:
David MacDonald, President CanAdapt Solutions Inc.

  • David was the only Canadian Invited Expert listed on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG2) which are required by the AODA for accessible web sites. 
  • Advisor to the Government of Canada CIO at the Treasury Board, he has taught 100's of Government of Canada employees, consulted for the DOJ, CRTC, PWGSC, CNSC, NRCANs earthquake reports, audited Air Canada, WestJet, Via Rail, etc. for the CTA, lead WCAG consultant for Intel, PC Financial, and other Fortune 500 organizations.
  • He teaches WCAG at Ottawa University in English and French. Although his technical knowledge is deep, he has a keen ability to communicate the web/document accessibility components of the AODA to HR professionals in a way that is understandable, "non-techie", and easy to grasp.
  • David`s talks are fun, interactive, and informative. His Youtube WCAG theme song has over 35,000 views.

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Module 1: April 8, 2014
Module 2: April 9, 2014
Module 3: May 20, 2014
Module 4: May 21, 2014
Module 5: June 17, 2014

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