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Creating Creative Leaders: Learn how to Engage Others and Leverage their full Potential

Optimize team creative thinking and results.

Over 80% of organizations in North America have the words ‘Creative’ or ‘Innovative’ in their vision or mission statement.  Realizing the vision or mission depends on people applying creative thinking skill and people leading creative teams.

If creativity and innovation are top business imperatives for your organization,
then this workshop is a must.

  • Based on the latest creativity techniques
  • Incorporates results from neuroscience and creativity research
  • Focuses on both the skill of fostering creativity and the skill of contributing creatively
  • Best of all, it is designed and facilitated by a HR professional for HR professionals so it’s highly relevant.

These are some of the insights you will gain to enhance your own capability

  • Creativity is much more than ‘letting loose your inner child’
  • People have different creative thinking preferences and orientations
  • Creative thinking is a skill that can be developed
  • Research from neuroscience, social psychology, and creativity to provide lots of useful guidance in how to create a more creative environment, culture and team

WHY you should be Here (Learning Objective):
You can:

  • Discover your personal creative thinking style through the FourSight Creative Thinking Profile®: are you a Clarifier, an Ideator, a Developer or an Implementor?
  • Understand the natural human barriers to creativity and learn how to apply creative thinking principles to push past them.
  • Practice new tools and techniques that will enable you to establish stronger success criteria, ask better questions, generate more answers and forge more powerful solutions.

WHAT you will Gain (Learning Outcome):
You will:

  • Understand what creativity means in today’s organizational context and what conditions need to be in place to improve innovation capability.
  • Learn that Creativity is much more than ‘letting loose your inner child’
  • Appreciate that people have different creative thinking preferences and orientations
  • Develop the ability to best leverage your style and how to engage others to optimize team creative thinking and results.

WHO should attend:
This workshop is highly recommended for:

  • HR Professionals in any role, level or organization - whether you have complex, enterprise-wide challenges to solve or need to creatively strengthen the programs you already have in place.

Speaker’s Bio: Samantha Kerr Hurwitz

Samantha is a CMA CHRP and Co-founder & Chief Encouragement Officer of Flipskills.

Samantha brings over 25 years corporate and entrepreneurial experience in Finance, Accounting, Operations, IT and HR, including 9 years at the executive level as Controller of a $6 billion organization, Portfolio Director of a $50 million project portfolio and Chair of a strategic talent management program.

She is passionate about helping people be clear, candid, productive communicators. A trainer, coach, consultant, communicator, HR professional and accountant - largely in equal measures – Samantha leverages critical and creative thinking with a passion for the people side of things.  She works with organizations all over North America to strengthen communications, creativity, leadership, and followership; and help build organizations that are more collaborative, enthused and high-achieving.  

With her partner, Dr. Marc Hurwitz, they co-developed the Generative Partnership® Model – a blueprint for more collaborative leadership, partnerships and workplaces.

They have a highly-regarded monthly ideas letter, FliPtips, and are excited to be publishing their first book in 2015 with The University of Toronto, Rotman imprint.  

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November 21, 2014​
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM​
Event Type
Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development  

7 Hr
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Yorkville Conference Centre
150 Bloor Street West
Suite 200
Toronto, ON
M5S 2X9
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