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GOTCHA: Understanding Signs, Signals and Human Behaviour for the HR Professional

Career GPS Domains: Leadership Development and Organizational Culture; Employee Relations; Function Management

Develop the skills to detect and understand
non-verbal behaviour.
- Interview, manage and lead people more confidently!

Attend this Comprehensive Two-day certificate program

  • Designed specifically for HR professionals by Donna Brown, CEO of Ana-lies Enterprises, dubbed by the media as “one of Canada’s leading experts in reading people”.
  • Learn how to tap into an important unspoken language: non-verbal behaviour.
  • Quickly and accurately detect intent, deception or sincerity in an interview
    or workplace dispute.    
  •  Walk away with new skill sets and solid information to help protect your organization, make you a better interviewer and make effective decisions
  • Become more confident determining the credibility of candidates, colleagues and interviewees.
  • Protect yourself professionally as well as personally.

WHY you should be Here

Highly recommended for HR Professionals who wish to:

  • Learn how to articulate what you have heard and observed.
  • Manage people and want to address issues before they become major concerns.
  • Improve interviewing skills and gain new ones.

WHAT you will Gain

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Detect nuances and cues of non-verbal and verbal behaviour 
  •  Explain how violence enters the workplace and steps to take to protect yourself and your organization 
  • Assess credibility within an interview setting
  •  Integrate new skill sets into interview strategies
  • Understand the psychology of the deceptive mind

WHO should Participate:

This program has been specifically designed for:
HR Professionals, Investigators, and Managers of people

  • To become a better interviewer
  • To improve your nonverbal skills and acquire new abilities
  • To lead people more efficiently and resolve workplace disputes

Speaker Bio

Donna Brown has nearly 4 decades in law enforcement. She began her career over 38 years ago with the Toronto Police Service. There she worked records, youth staff services, uniform patrol, morality, and homicide.   After leaving the force she worked as a successful private investigator in Toronto.

In the early 80’s Donna joined CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) where she gained an impressive enforcement background dealing with weapons, narcotics, pornography and terrorism.  For the past 25 years she has studied counter terrorism, interviewing techniques, and mastered the study of human behaviour. 

Most of Donna’s training has been obtained in the United States where she travelled far to study under the very best.   She is a threat assessment specialist, statement analyst, accredited international instructor on reading micro expressions and has been dubbed “the Canadian body language expert” by the media.  She is also an accredited author and has published many articles on the art of detecting deception, reading body language and understanding the psychological background of the deceptive mind.   

Donna is a much sought after guest lecturer not only for private industry but for government agencies such as the Office of the Auditor General; the Financial Management Institute; Customs Auditors/Investigations; Immigration Enforcement (GTEC); and the Justice Department.  Donna is also a regular speaker with police services and has trained numerous departments such as Durham Police; Toronto Police; Ontario Provincial Police; London Police; Windsor Police; and the RCMP. Listed as a subject matter expert she has also trained at the Ontario Police College in Aylmer, Ontario. 

Hard hitting yet humorous, she touches her audiences with real life stories that relate back to the topic she is teaching, whether it be reading micro expressions or predicting violent behaviour.   Donna says: “If you are in   law enforcement, the investigative field or you simply want to get to the truth, you have to have compassion, common sense and a really good sense of humour.”  She teaches interviewers how to stay on top of their game, not only by being able to read people, but to be creative in the interview room.

Donna is married to a recently retired Toronto Police Sergeant, and they reside in Toronto.  She is the proud mother of 3 girls.

For more information about Donna and her work, go to

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September 4-5, 2013
8:30 am - 4:30 pm (Each Day)
Domain (Primary)
Leadership Development & Organizational Culture
Event Type
Certificate Program
Continuing Professional Development

Recertification Points 

13 Hours
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