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Becoming a Board Member: Insights, Tools and Strategies for Success

Board essentials for the HR professional
Prepare yourself for a directorship on a board with essential tools and processes

Becoming a Board Member: Insights, Tools and Strategies for Success
is a five-session workshop produced in partnership with the Institute on Governance that provides the foundational knowledge required of every board member to understand roles, obligations and participation as an effective member of a board. It teaches management-level HR professionals what it means to be a board member, the roles and responsibilities associated with serving on a board of directors, the key skill sets required to be effective, and how to build and maintain effective relationships within the board and with other stakeholders.

  • Learn the essentials of being an effective and accountable board member. 
  • Understand the practices and tools to effectively participate in board meetings.
  • Become a productive board member who understands governance structures and processes.
  • Create a toolkit of awareness about board member practices.
  • Receive and interactive and engaging learning experience.
  • Gain the ability to serve on a board with confidence.

Unique learning format
Day 1 of Board essentials for the HR professional will focus on the foundational knowledge necessary for serving on a board and will include presentations, small group work and plenary discussions.

The four remaining sessions will incorporate any feedback from the first session in order to appropriately cater to the needs and learning styles of the participants.  The schedule for each session will be determined. 

WHY you should be here:
You will learn how to:

  • Navigate board meetings effectively
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of board directors, the chair and committee members
  • Define governance and what it means to the board director
  • Incorporate the concept of fiduciary duties as you step into the role of board director 
  • Understand the tools and practices for effective board meetings and decision-making

WHAT you will Gain:
By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Gain a solid understanding of the board structure and how to navigate it effectively
  • Understand governance and the role it plays for board directors
  • Be better prepared to act as a productive board member with the knowledge needed to participate in board meetings

Who should Participate:
“Becoming a Board Member: Insights, Tools and Strategies” is valuable for:
Management-level HRPA members with limited to no experience being a board member of organizations.

Speakers’ Bio: Laura Edgar

Laura Edgar, Vice President of Board and Organizational Governance at the Institute On Governance, will prepare and lead the session.  With over fifteen years’ expertise in designing and facilitating governance training sessions and board assessment tools, Ms. Edgar is a leader in the field of governance and organizational effectiveness for mission-driven organizations.  Within the IOG, she has conducted a significant number of board and operational reviews and has facilitated learning events on various dimensions of governance.  As a member of the management committee and Corporate Secretary to the Board, Ms. Edgar is actively involved in the overall management and strategic planning of the Institute.  She is also highly experienced in facilitation, business and project management. She has acted as a Project Manager and Lead in board governance projects for many of the IOG’s clients, including the Human Resources Professional Association, Ottawa Community Housing, the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, the Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada, the Canadian Wind Energy Association, Public Service Health Care Plan Administration Authority and the Canadian Medical Association.  She has also delivered several governance sessions for other boards of directors responsible for sustainable forest licenses.

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Session 1: March 3, 2015
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM​
Event Type
Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development 

6 Hours
More Information
Yorkville Conference Centre
150 Bloor Street West
Suite 200
Toronto, ON
M5S 2X9
Price for each workshop
HRPA Members: $495 + Taxes
Non-Members: $595 + Taxes
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