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Sustainability Statement

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In 2007, the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) signaled its aspirations to chart a more socially and environmentally sustainable future. This sustainability statement outlines commitments made by HRPA to embed sustainability into its daily operations. For more information about HRPA’s sustainability journey, please contact Chris Larsen, Director of Marketing and Membership, at

Sustainability Vision
To ready HR professionals to lead sustainability change in the workplace by leveraging HRPA’s reach, thought leadership and own best practice.

Sustainability Enabling Areas
The HRPA has identified 5 priority areas for bringing to life its sustainability commitments. These enabling areas have been selected for their combined potential to address HRPA’s most relevant sustainability impact areas while strengthening its core operations.

  1. Reduce HRPA's environmental footprint
  2. Equip HR professionals to manage sustainability change
  3. Make HRPA a model workplace for meeting the demands of today’s markets
  4. Create mutual value for HRPA and the community
  5. Position HRPA as a visible and recognized sustainability leader in the marketplace