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Introducing HRPA Edge

HR experience for CHRP.

Qualified Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)  to provide HR assistance to employers.
HRPA Edge is HRPA’s HR internship program that  matches CHRP with short-term, paid HR internships with participating host employers. HRPA is proud to be partnering with Career Edge Organization, a social enterprise that is passionate about connecting highly motivated, well qualified interns with leading organizations since 1996.

HRPA Edge Works
Half of Career Edge interns are hired by their host employer at the end of their internship and most of the rest successfully launch their career elsewhere within six months.

On-Demand Webinars

HRPA Edge is a win-win arrangement that benefits both interns and employers.

CHRP get meaningful HR work consistent with their education and skills. 

Host Employers access qualified, recent HR graduates eager to put their human resources knowledge to work. We make the business of finding great talent cost efficient and virtually risk-free, while giving the edge to those striving to launch their careers.

HRPA Edge offers host employers a flexible, cost-effective option to HR based project staffing without impacting on FTE or headcount. Payroll administration is managed on your behalf by Career Edge Organization.

Guarantee: If, in the first six weeks of an internship, the intern leaves voluntarily or involuntarily, Career Edge will credit the employer with $1,000 towards the cost of replacing the intern.

Career Edge Organization provides on-line resources for both interns and employers to ensure a successful internship experience.

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New monthly HRPA Edge HR Intern rates

HRPA Edge has increased the stipend paid to interns. Not only will this enable us to continue to attract top talent, it is also expected to simplify the hiring and retention processes for host employers. Please refer to the chart below for an example of the total cost by internship terms, encompassing stipends, operating costs and payroll taxes.







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For questions regarding Career
Edge website, please contact

For questions regarding HRPA Edge internship program, please contact

CHRP's have completed their university or college education, including all the academic qualifications. They have also passed the Comprehensive Knowledge Exam (CKE), a 3-hour exhaustive test of their HR knowledge.