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HRPA Edge – For Employers

Get an HRPA Edge HR intern working in your organization to boost productivity and tackle human resource challenges—all without raising headcount.

What is HRPA Edge?

HRPA Edge is a paid internship offering CHRP candidates minimum six month paid HR internships with participating employers.

CHRP candidates are young professionals who have extensive HR training in addition to their college or university educations and have passed the National Knowledge Exam, a comprehensive test of their HR knowledge.

All they need now is experience—and that’s what you and HRPA Edge can give them.

Apply today and get the full benefit of a
CHRP-candidate working in your organization


What are the benefits for employers?

Read seven reasons why you need an HRPA Edge HR Intern. By registering as an HRPA Edge employer and by hosting interns, HRPA Edge host organizations have access to enthusiastic, qualified recent HR graduates keen on putting their knowledge into practice. They  can help you solve many HR challenges. They can provide value in the following areas: HR policy development, Employment Standards Act compliance, development of job descriptions and employment contracts, interviewing, recruiting and more.

Learn the business case for hiring HRPA Edge interns.
View this free webinar: Innovation in Talent Acquisition Strategies

You can significantly enhance employee productivity and engagement with an all-in cost structure that works out to approx. $17/hr.

You can add valuable personnel without affecting your headcount, and hiring HRPA Edge interns is a low-risk, cost-effective way to staff HR projects that you might otherwise postpone due to economic uncertainty.

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HR Intern working for you

How does it work?

HRPA Edge is administered by Career Edge Organization (CEO), a national not-for-profit that has partnered with over 1,000 organizations to place close to 11,000 interns since 1996. HRPA provides the talent, CEO takes care of the details. They:

  • Advertise your internship opportunity on, the portal for HR professionals seeking employment
  • Provide a robust web-based platform to post/select/hire/administer your intern
  • Pre-screen HRPA Edge intern applicants
  • Share best practices on the implementation of quality paid internship experiences
  • Are available for ongoing administrative and technical support

Best of all, Career Edge Organization handles all HRPA Edge administration on your behalf, including payroll and taxes.

Apply today and get the full benefit of a
CHRP-candidate working in your organization


New monthly HRPA Edge HR Intern rates

HRPA Edge has increased the stipend paid to interns. Not only will this enable us to continue to attract top talent, it is also expected to simplify the hiring and retention processes for host employers. Please refer to the chart below for an example of the total cost by internship terms, encompassing stipends, operating costs and payroll taxes.

4-month 6-month 12-month
$11,800.00 $17,700.00 $35,400.00
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For questions regarding Career
Edge website, please contact

For questions regarding HRPA Edge internship program, please contact

CHRP Candidates
The Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation is the gold standard of HR excellence in Canada. CHRP Candidates have completed their university or college education, including all the academic qualifications required for the CHRP. They have also passed the National Knowledge Exam, a 3-hour exhaustive test of their HR knowledge.