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The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

To find out your organization’s obligations under the AODA, use the new Compliance Wizard created by the Government of Ontario. You can learn more about the Compliance Wizard by watching the following video.

HRPA is pleased be part of the EnAbling Change Program with the Government of Ontario.

The results have been outstanding:

  • The Adventures of Harold Jeepers is a collection of 11 informative and entertaining short YouTube videos providing information to Ontario businesses about two out of the four Standards under the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR): The Employment Standard and the Information and Communications Standard. Topics covered include individual accommodation plans, redeploying people with disabilities, accessible information and communication supports for employees and for the public, workplace emergency response information, recruitment and informing employees of supports, facilitating return to work, accessible websites, multi-year accessibility plans and debunking some myths around people with disabilities. Watch The Adventures of Harold Jeepers right now.
  • An accessible format pdf companion document to the Adventures of Harold Jeepers which provides additional information and insights. Download HRPATV CHANNELS (PDF) right now.
  • The Customer Service Standard was the first of five Accessibility Standards to be passed under the AODA. To help private sector organizations meet the requirements, HRPA launched a website ( that is chock full of videos, tools and resources.
  • Three free Webinars that provided advance information in 2010 about the AODA, the Customer Service Standard and the Information and Communications Standard.
    Take a look at the webinars right now.

HRPA has also provided additional help to human resources professionals and businesses around the AODA including:

  • Offering a five-day Certificate in Accessibility for HR Professionals and Managers. Participants will learn and work with the legal requirements for all five AODA standards –Customer Service, Information and Communications, Employment, Transportation and Design of Public Spaces. The final assignment requires participants to develop and present a practical framework of a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan that can be used to meet their company’s AODA requirements .
  • Conducting an informative 2012 HRPA Conference (Preparing for the IASR and the Employment Standard). Facilitated in partnership with First Reference, the Conference guided participants through the upcoming AODA changes and provided them with practical advice on how to transform their HR practices to comply with the Employment Standard.
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The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act was passed in 2005 with an overall goal of an accessible Ontario by 2025. Accessibility Standards have been developed for five key areas of daily living: customer service, information and communications, employment, transportation and built environment.

The first Standard was the Customer Service Standard.

The remaining four Standards were combined into one regulation called the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR):

Employment Standard

Information and Communications Standard

Transportation Standard

Design of Public Spaces Standard

Note: The Design of Public Spaces Standard was only recently added to the IASR. Enhancement to accessibility in buildings will happen at a later date through Ontario’s Building Code, which governs new construction and renovations in buildings.

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