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 Registration, Certification and Recertification


Overview of HRPA's CHRP Certification Process

Completion of HRPA’s certification process confers the right to use the title Certified Human Resources Professional and the right to use the initials C.H.R.P. or CHRP after one’s name.

Certification is a "warrant of competence" or "warrant of expertise"

CHRP LogoThe overarching objective of HRPA’s certification process is to ensure that those HR professionals who are certified by HRPA possess the knowledge and skills in sufficient degree to competently perform important occupational activities and to protect the public interest. 

There are a number of interests to balance in setting the certification standard. On the one hand, it is important to exclude individuals who are deemed to be not qualified to do the work; on the other hand the standards must not be so strict as to unduly restrain the right of qualified individuals to offer their services to employers or clients.

Certification Requirements

HRPA’s certification process has five components:

These requirements may be achieved in any sequence with the exception that the requisite coursework must be completed before attempting the exam. You must be a member of HRPA to write the exam and to have your experience recognized. When all requirements are met, individuals are notified that they have met all requirements for the CHRP designation as established by the Board of Directors of HRPA and their names have been added to the HRPA Register.

This means there are different paths to certification and the sequence requirements are met may differ from one individual to the next. For many new entrants to the field, coursework will be completed within the context of a degree program, followed by writing the knowledge exam, and  the experience requirement. For experienced candidates, the sequence may start with a degree, then work experience, followed by the alternate route to coursework requirement, and ending with passing the knowledge requirement.

HRPA is committed to provide registration practices that are transparent, objective, impartial and fair.  HRPA’s certification process is designed such that individuals who immigrate to Ontario from other countries do not encounter unnecessary barriers to certification.

Granted the Designation - Requirements for Retaining the Designation

Individuals are required to maintain continous membership, to display their CHRP certificate, to abide by the HRPA Rules of Professional Conduct and to meet recertification requirements.  For more detailed information about the recertification, visit the Recertification section of our website.

HRPA’s Office of the Registrar is the contact point for all matters relating to certification

Should you have any questions about certification--regardless of membership status, the process, your own status in regards to certification, or want to submit documents related to certification, please contact the Office of the Registrar at