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 Credit for Non-Approved Courses

Individuals who have taken equivalent courses in other jurisdictions can get their courses approved for credit towards the Coursework Requirement by submitting a course outline to HRPA for review by the Educational Standards Committee.

Requests for review of courses for credit for the coursework requirement should be sent to the Office of the Registrar. 

In order for a course to be approved, each individual course submission must include the following criteria:

  • At least an 80% match to the subject curriculum outlined in the Credit Approval Guide
  • A method of evaluation where no more than 20 % of the final grade may be based on subjective criteria such as class participation
  • A final examination worth at least 20% of the overall grade must be included in the evaluation strategy
  • At least 50% of the final grade must be based on an assessment of individual learner attainment of the learning outcomes(rahter than group based performance).
  • Use an HRPA approved textbook or another textbook found to be an acceptable alternative.  Supporting documentation for the text (ie. A photocopied table of contents) must be submitted.
  • Each course must have been completed within the past 10 year period
  • The minimum duration of the course must be the equivalent to at least 30 in-class hours
  • Achieved a minimum final grade of at least 65 % in an individual course submission.( HRPA does not round up student grades). 
  • Course must have been completed at an accredited institution.
  • An original transcript verifying completion of a recent Canadian Employment Law course. (This applies for courses see below, taken outside of Canada)

Since employment affects virtually every topic in Human resource management, and has a major impact on compensation, occupational health and safety, employment/labour relations and recruitment and selection, courses submitted for HRPA approval in these subject areas taken outside of Canada are not eligible for credit, unless accompanied by evidence of completion of a recent Canadian Employment Law course.

As part of the application, individuals will need to send the following supporting documentation:

  • Detailed Course Outline/Syllabus
    Must be from the year the course was taken. A more current outline/syllabus will be acceptable only if accompanied by a formal letter from the educational institution indicating that the newer course outline is equivalent to the original.
  • Original Hard Copy Transcript that outlines:
     mark obtained
     year taken
     name of institution
     course code and name
     method of evaluation and division of marks
  • Name of textbook(s) or supplemental readings used throughout the course including:
     Date of publication
  • Copy of table of contents of textbook(s).
     Please do not forward textbooks as HRPA is unable to return them.
  • The completed chart in SECTION C - Submission Summary must accompany the application.

 Individuals that do not have access to the required documentation for legitimate reasons should contact HRPA’s Registrar.

Applicants of the Credit for Non-Approved Courses process must be a member of HRPA before their coursework can be evaluated by HRPA’s Educational Standards Committee.  Upon receipt of a completed application, the Registrar will forward the requisite documentation to the Educational Standards Committee for review.

 Educational Standards Committee Meeting Dates:


Meeting Date ​Submission Deadline Date
​Sept 20, 2013 September 5, 2013
​November 29, 2013 November 14, 2013
​January 17, 2014 January 2, 2014
​March 21, 2014 ​March 6, 2014
June 6, 2014 ​May 22, 2014





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