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***Please note that our online new member registration is currently unavailable due to system upgrade. Kindly complete the new member application form (PDF) and send it back to us by faxing it to 416.923.7264 or emailing it to

Note: Please read the Guide to Online New Membership Application before proceeding to the online application.

Once your payment has been processed you will receive an email confirmation that we have received your online application and we will begin processing your application immediately. Also, an email receipt will be sent automatically. Full site access will be available after 24 hours.


Membership Categories

 All HRPA Memberships expires on May 31, 2015


 An applicant who:

  •  Is of apparent good character
  • Has agreed to abide by the Regulated Human Resources Professionals Act, the HRPA Rules of Professional Conduct, the Standards and Guidelines of Practice and the Codes of Conduct
  •  If living or working in Ontario, is a member of a Chapter
  • Has paid all applicable membership dues
  • Who does not qualify for any other category may join HRPA as a General member


An applicant who meets all the criteria for general membership in the Association and who, in addition, is enrolled in HRPA-approved courses on a full-time basis and who does not meet the criteria for another category of membership. An applicant for the Student category of membership must:

  • Submit proof that they are currently taking a minimum of three concurrent HRPA -approved courses in human resources management in a post-secondary diploma or degree program


An applicant who meets all the criteria for general membership in the Association and who, in addition, is employed or pursuing employment in a Human Resources but who is not registered in the Student category of membership and who has not passed the knowledge exam. An applicant for the Practitioner category of membership must confirm that they are employed or seeking employment in a human resources functional area.

 Allied Professional

An individual who is a current member of a regulated profession listed in Schedule 1 of the Fair Access to Regulated Professionals and Compulsory Trades Act, 2009 may be admitted to the category of Allied Professional. Applicants for this category of membership must:

  • Have their professional body complete and submit a Confirmation of Good Standing form to HRPA on their behalf

 Labour Mobility for CHRP, CHRP Candidate and SHRP

Applicants who hold membership in another Canadian HR association may be eligible to have their CHRP, CHRP Candidate or SHRP status recognized in Ontario. In order to be registered as a member using the labour mobility provisions, an applicant must:

  •  Be a current member in the other HR association
  • Submit an application for membership in HRPA and pay all applicable fees
  • Have their current HR association complete and submit a Confirmation of Good Standing form to HRPA on their behalf
  • Be in compliance with the recertification/continuing education program of their current HR association

Individuals who currently hold the following status in another Canadian jurisdiction may apply for membership in these categories in Ontario using labour mobility:

  • Certified Human Resources Professional (will be authorize to use CHRL in Ontario)
  • Senior Human Resources Professional (​will be authorize to use CHRE in Ontario)
  • Certified Human Resources Professional Candidate (will be authorize to use CHRP in Ontario)

Chapter selection

All HRPA members are required to join one of 28 chapters across Ontario. The chapters provide local networking opportunities, professional development activities, mentoring connections, conferences, workshops and social events that will enhance your career. If there is more than one chapter in your area, choose the chapter that is most convenient to either your work or home as you ‘Main Chapter’. If you wish, you may select one or more additional chapters (additional chapter dues will be applied to your invoice).

New Member Dues according to the Member Category

 (All dues include HRPA Provincial dues, Administration fee and first-year Chapter dues)
​Month Member Joins ​CHRP/SHRP ​Practitioner/CHRP Candidate ​General ​Student ​# Of Months Purchased
​June 2014 546.87 ​414.17 ​483.87 107.64 ​12
​July 2014 501.29 ​379.64 ​443.55 ​98.68 ​11
​August 2014 ​455.73 ​345.14 ​403.22 ​89.70 ​10
​September 2014 410.15 ​310.63 ​362.91 80.74 ​9
​October 2014 364.58​ ​276.10 ​322.59 ​71.76 ​8
​November 2014 319.00​ ​241.60 ​282.25 ​62.80 ​7
​December 2014 ​273.44 ​207.08 ​241.93 ​53.82 ​6
​January 2015 ​227.86 ​172.56 ​201.62 ​44.86 ​5
​February 2015 182.29 ​138.06 161.29 ​35.88 ​4
​March 2015 136.71 ​103.54 ​120.97 ​26.92 ​3
​April 2015 ​91.15 ​69.03 ​80.64 ​17.94 ​2
​May 2015 ​45.57 ​34.51 ​40.32 ​8.98 ​1

Memberships are charged on a monthly pro-rated basis + applicable HST
New member registering on June 2014 and onwards will have their membership valid until May 31,2015
New member registering on January 2015 will have their membership expire on May 31,2015. A renewal invoice will be sent to their email address for June 2015 - May 2016 membership year.


The table below describes each membership category and additional required documentation, if any. Please note that if you are applying for a category of membership for which additional documentation is required, your application is incomplete until the document is received by HRPA.

  General Practitioner Student Allied Professional CHRP, SHRP, CHRP Candidate (via labour mobility)
Additional documentation required? No No Yes Yes Yes
Proof of Enrolment     Yes    
Good Standing Form       Yes Yes


If you wish to reinstate your lapse HRPA membership please contact

How to Join HRPA Online


Mail or Fax

Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA)
150 Bloor Street West
Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2X9 

Fax: 416-923-7264

 New Member Application Forms (PDF)

You must have Acrobat Reader installed to view and print the application forms. If you need to install Acrobat Reader, you can download it free by clicking here.