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Welcome to the HRPA HR Hotline

HR Hotline


What is HR Hotline?

HR Hotline allows members to ask questions of, and get answers from, experienced CHRLs to questions relating to HR practice.

Here are some examples of questions we've been asked.

  • What's it like to be an HR professional?
  • What are some of the areas of specialization that an HR person can or should get into?
  • Should the HR professional run a workplace investigation or should it be someone outside the organization?
  • How can an HR professional be more strategic in their planning?
  • How do you communicate a death in the workplace?
  • What is the best way to tell an employee that they are being terminated?
  • How do I get management to speak to an employee who is having performance issues?
  • My team members work remotely. What's the best way to handle performance reviews?

What the HR Hotline is Not

It is not a free substitute for legal or other consulting services. The service is not intended to replace these services and the HR Hotline team will not provide such services.

What if I need legal and/or consulting services?

If you require such assistance check out the HRPA Suppliers Guide​ on the HRPA website. Operated by HR Reporter, it provides the public with a directory of individuals and firms that provide a wide variety of legal and other HR services.

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How to use HR Hotline

  1. View and accept the HR Hotline Service Disclaimer  – you won’t be able to use the service otherwise:
  2. Whether you fill in the web form here or use the My HRPA mobile app to get connected a Resource Centre information specialist will confirm your acknowledgment of the HR Hotline Disclaimer;
  3. They will Record the purpose of your call;
  4. And they will connect you to an HR Hotline CHRL team member.