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Benefits of HRPA Membership

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A key pillar of HRPA's mission is to advance our members' careers. HRPA membership provides you with the designations, education, resources and tools to help you bring real value to the HR role in your organization; career resources like job search, networking, and professional development to help you establish and grow your career; plus regulatory oversight to protect the public and heighten credibility around the HR profession.

Enhanced Credibility

Professional Designations (CHRP, CHRL and CHRE)
In Ontario, HRPA issues three competency based HR designations : the entry level Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP), the professional level Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL), and the senior level Certified Human Resources Executive (CHRE). Nearly 70% of jobs advertised on Hire Authority require that the candidate have, or be working toward, their CHRP, CHRL or CHRE. HR professionals with these designations are promoted faster, earn more and have a greater range of career options.

Online Academic Program
HRPA's Online Academic Program provides the academic courses required for the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation in a convenient online format.

Rules of Professional Conduct (PDF)
HRPA members agree to abide by Rules of Professional Conduct that commits you to professional competence, legal requirements, dignity in the workplace, confidentiality, conflict of interest and professional growth and support of other professionals.

Public Register
Pursuant to the Registered Human Resources Professionals Act, 2013 and HRPA Bylaws, HRPA maintains an official public register of all HRPA members including membership status, certification status, business contact information and discipline history.

Professional Community
HRPA is a community of professional peers that assist each other with career advice, mentoring, HR problem solving and more. Between HRPA, its chapters and online communities, the Association connects you with more than 20,000 members from across Ontario.

Advancing Careers

Hire Authority HR Job Board
HRPA's Hire Authority HR job board is Canada's Number One HR job bank, with thousands of registered employers and more than 20,000 active resumes.

Career Centre
HRPA's career resource portal features links to career planning and job search tools, free webinars on starting, advancing and leveraging your HR career, plus access to individual consultations with a career advisor.

Professional Networking
Connecting with the largest professional community in Canada helps create a life-long professional network. 

Making a Contribution

From serving on the HRPA board to volunteering at HRPA's Annual Conference & Trade Show, the Association provides members with volunteer opportunities to build their network, learn new skills and give back to the HR profession.

At the chapter level or via HRPA’s online mentoring matching tool, the Association provides mentoring opportunities—either as a mentor or protégé—to pick up professional guidance from an experienced professional or share hard-won knowledge to those starting out. Contact your chapter executive for more information.

Enhancing Skills and Capabilities

HRPA Professional Development
HRPA provides the professional development members need to stay current and advance in their careers. From workshops, seminars, webinars to certificate and executive programs, HRPA provides education on every facet of HR practice: HR law, Total Rewards, Organizational Development, Health & Safety, Recruitment, Talent Management and more.


Online Academic Program​
HRPA's Online Academic Program provides the academic courses required for the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation in a convenient online format.

Governance training for Volunteers
HRPA and Chapter Board members receive valuable governance training to equip them to serve on committees, boards--whether at work or while volunteering. 

Information Services

Resource Centre
Resource Centre is a searchable online HR knowledge portal that aggregates search results from HRPA's library of HR books, serials and looseleafs; featured HR collections; plus results from leading employment law firms, HR trade publications and the Ministry of Labour.

Custom HR Research
Contact HRPA's customized research request service and our team of Information Specialists will guide you to the most relevant, recent research on business and HR topics, as well as salary survey and benchmarking data.

HR Hotline
HR Hotline is an HRPA phone service that connects members with veteran CHRPs who can provide fast and knowledgeable answers to your general HR/employment-related questions.

HR Professional Magazine
HR Professional, HRPA's official member magazine, is Canada's largest-circulation HR publication. Featuring news, opinion and commentary, HR Professional provides in-depth analysis on news, trends, challenges and opportunities facing HR in the Canadian workplace.

Member Savings

Member Savings
HRPA combines the buying power of its more than 20,000 members with its extensive business partnerships to bring you exclusive savings at work, home and play. Taking advantage of HRPA's Member Savings deals can easily offset the price of your membership.

Member Rewards Card
HRPA's Member Card identifies you as an HRPA member (along with your member number, category and join date). It's also a prepaid VISA card that lets you directly receive cash rebates when you register for specially advertised PD programs and other HRPA events (watch for promotions).​