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Welcome to the Human Resources Professionals Association - Peel Chapter (HRPAP)

Four Time Winner of the Chapter of Excellence Award!

HRPAP is the Peel Chapter of the Human Resources Professionals Association and dedicated to promoting strategic HR Leadership in Peel, which includes Mississauga and Brampton areas. As a member of the Peel Chapter, you are automatically involved with one of the largest Chapters of HRPA. Your membership will include opportunities for networking, professional development, mentoring, the salary survey and many other varied programs.

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President’s Message

Bessie Wang, MBA CHRL
President, HRPA, Peel Chapter
“Have I done something great for my own organization lately?”
That is a question HR professionals never ask themselves. In any organization, the human resources team’s job is to look after both the needs of its employees and the needs of the organization.
We take care of our employees. That’s what we do!
The role of HR has evolved significantly over the last 30 years—from being just an administrator to becoming a strategic influencer in the boardroom. Many of our members have developed and implemented great HR programs for their organizations, and yet no one really gives HR sufficient credit when a successful program has been delivered.
Thirty years ago, job titles such as Chief Human Resources Officer or Chief Talent Officer were unfathomable. Today, leading-edge organizations get it. The HRPA works hard to promote our profession to the public.  In our own community, I encourage Peel Chapter members to showcase the excellent work you have done for your own organizations. If you have run a program with positive results, why not share your experiences and results with your fellow chapter members? I know that other members will find your experience invaluable, because these experiences are not merely HR theories—they are real life HR examples. In our profession, the true benefits you can reap from belonging to the second largest chapter in the province are idea-sharing and networking.
As this year’s Peel Chapter president, I am very lucky to be surrounded by a vibrant and talented board of directors. We continue to look for creative ways to deliver programs that our members value. For example, we combined our Student Social with our regular membership Fall Social this year, which was extremely well attended and created great networking opportunities for everyone. We have also added several senior HR forums to our events calendar.
While we continue to deliver 25 to 35 programs every year, we are looking for more members to share their experiences with us. Would you like to feature your successful program implementation in this chapter e-magazine, the Peel Perspective? It’s a marvellous opportunity for our members to get to know you and profile the wonderful work you have done with your own organization.
How about your personal achievements? Would you like to get more involved with our chapter? Many of our members are looking for a mentor. Are you a leader who is willing to provide some guidance to our members and help them with your HR advice? There are many ways to be an HR leader, either within the Peel Chapter or in the wider HR community.
Please feel free to drop me a line at We always welcome new ideas and I would love to hear from you!