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Mentoring Program

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2014-2015 Halton Mentoring Program
Registration Open September 1st - 30th


It gives us great pleasure to introduce HRPA's new Mentoring partner, MentorCity. The team at MentorCity is dedicated to providing you with the best digital mentoring experience - from profile creation to Mentor selection, chat options and group discussions, this program makes it easier! To create a detailed profile, you can upload your credentials directly from LinkedIn.

​Sometimes, you just need a little advice and encouragement, no matter where you are in your career. That's why we've kept the option for Members to sign up to be a mentee and mentor. Just select the appropriate box. 

Mentees can search for their perfect Mentor Match based on skills, industry, experience, or language preference. What's not to love?

Sound enticing? Here is your official invitation, exclusive to HRPA Halton Members:

Registration will remain open until September 30th, 2014.

For the best user experience, please use Google Chrome or a recent version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. The site is also compatible with all mobile devices.

If you have any questions, email:​​​

Thank you for your interest in the HRPA Halton Chapter Mentoring Program. All prospective Mentor’s and Mentee’s are asked to read the HRPA Halton Chapter Program Handbook before applying to the program.


The HRPA Halton Chapter Mentoring Program’s Purpose is:

  • To enhance the skills, knowledge and experience and to support career development of HR professionals through a mentoring relationship
  • To match mentees with mentors within the HRPA – Halton Chapter membership.


The HRPA Halton Chapter Mentoring Program Objectives are as follows:

  • Match Mentees with Mentors based on:
    • Self-identified needs of the Mentee
    • Experience, skills and qualifications of the Mentors
  • To provide an opportunity for the Mentor to provide leadership skills and the mentee to develop and/ or build their career and network.
  • The Mentor will share
    • Ideas
    • Practical knowledge
    • Expert advice
    • Coaching and counselling
    • Information regarding career planning for Human Resources (HR) practitioners
    • Stories of successes and failures
    • Encouragement and support
  • Enhance Mentees' knowledge of the HR profession, HR practices, HR technology trends
  • Ensure the Mentoring Program adheres to the Vision, Mission and Values of the HRPA.


Mentor and Mentee Mentoring Program Eligibility


  • Be an HRPA - Halton Chapter member in good standing (membership will be verified during registration)
  • Be in a role with HR accountabilities with internal or external clients* (employment will be verified during registration)
  • Have the characteristics of a good mentor or mentee (see eligibility requirements in the handbook – link below)
  • Be willing to commit time and effort to the success of the relationship


*The HRPA - Halton Chapter Mentoring Program is not intended to be a job search program and mentees and mentors must be actively employed in an HR position to be eligible for this program. If you are not currently employed in an HR position, you may wish to participate in our Employment Networking Group. Contact our Employment Networking Director