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Mentoring Program

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Thank you for your interest in the HRPA Halton Chapter Mentoring Program. All prospective Mentor’s and Mentee’s are asked to read the HRPA Halton Chapter Program Handbook before applying to the program.


The HRPA Halton Chapter Mentoring Program’s Purpose is:

  • To enhance the skills, knowledge and experience and to support career development of HR professionals through a mentoring relationship
  • To match mentees with mentors within the HRPA – Halton Chapter membership.


The HRPA Halton Chapter Mentoring Program Objectives are as follows:

  • Match Mentees with Mentors based on:
    • Self-identified needs of the Mentee
    • Experience, skills and qualifications of the Mentors
  • To provide an opportunity for the Mentor to provide leadership skills and the mentee to develop and/ or build their career and network.
  • The Mentor will share
    • Ideas
    • Practical knowledge
    • Expert advice
    • Coaching and counselling
    • Information regarding career planning for Human Resources (HR) practitioners
    • Stories of successes and failures
    • Encouragement and support
  • Enhance Mentees' knowledge of the HR profession, HR practices, HR technology trends
  • Ensure the Mentoring Program adheres to the Vision, Mission and Values of the HRPA.


Mentor and Mentee Mentoring Program Eligibility


  • Be an HRPA - Halton Chapter member in good standing (membership will be verified during registration)
  • Be in a role with HR accountabilities with internal or external clients* (employment will be verified during registration)
  • Have the characteristics of a good mentor or mentee (see eligibility requirements in the handbook – link below)
  • Be willing to commit time and effort to the success of the relationship


*The HRPA - Halton Chapter Mentoring Program is not intended to be a job search program and mentees and mentors must be actively employed in an HR position to be eligible for this program. If you are not currently employed in an HR position, you may wish to participate in our Employment Networking Group. Contact our Employment Networking Director

Tentative Mentoring Event Schedule for 2013 -2014

Dates are subject to change and more details will be forthcoming

  • MentorScout Training and Application process Webinar:  Click HERE​ to view the on demand webinar
  • Mentoring program registration - September 4, 2013 to October 11. 2013
  • Mentee selection of top three mentor choices from October 12, to October 21, 2013
  • Mentoring Committee Matching and confirmation - week of October 21, 2013
  • Meet and Greet of Mentoring Pairs on Tuesday, October 29, 2013
  • Mid session meet and greet – February or March 2014 - TBD
  • End of Year event – usually in June, 2014

Mentor Scout

HRPA Halton Chapter Mentoring program uses MentorScout, an online mentoring application to streamline registration, matching, and communication of mentor pairs. MentorScout will allow you to collaborate, communicate, and manage your mentor relationship in an online secure application. 

To join the mentoring program, you must first review eligibility requirements, and attend or review the Webinar with a guided tour of MentorScout and details on how to complete your on-line mentoring registration. If you are eligible and wish to register, then follow the instructions below:

Important:   Mentoring program registration is open from September 4, to October 25, 2013

Registration and Profile Instructions

1.            Using your Internet web browser, click here​ to go to the Mentor Scout homepage.

2.            Enter the Organization ID code -  HaltonMentoring  - and click the "GO" button.  Halton Chapter Membership and employment will be verified during registration.

3.            Complete the Profile Form. Be sure to complete all required fields which are marked with a red asterisk *.  Click the Submit Profile button on the bottom of the form.

If you have any questions, email: