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Keynote: Dr. Ginger Grant

​Your Secret Sauce - Corporate Culture and Creativity
Wednesday, January 21, 2015, 4:30–5:30 PM

It’s a conundrum: most organizations claim to be innovation driven, but very few practise what they preach. So how, then, can any of us safeguard our creative and innovative capacities in this kind of environment? Interweaving narrative and imagery, Ginger Grant invites you on a Heroic Journey in search of ways to cultivate creativity. You’ll learn that by protecting individual creative capacity, we can all help drive organizational change towards a brighter economic future.


A skilled innovation researcher, Ginger ably demonstrates that culture really does matter. The expression “culture eats strategy for lunch” has proven true. Her message: culture and change leadership must become a key HR competency, transforming HR from a cost centre to a profit centre. How? By embedding values and behaviours into processes, by creating a baseline measurement to demonstrate ROI to senior leaders and by enabling HR professionals to survive organizational politics in the role of change agent.

Dr. Ginger Grant

Ginger should know. Focusing on the use of business anthropology, ethnography and market intelligence for strategic initiatives, she has held senior leadership positions and consulted in a wide variety of fields, including engineering, telecommunications, education, transportation, government, gaming and the arts. She’s learned the ingredients to your “secret sauce.”