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Green Initiatives

The future is green and so is HRPA.

HRPA’s 2013 Annual Conference & Trade Show is integral to our organization’s drive for sustainability and every year we strive to produce a zero-waste event.

Sourcing sustainable suppliers
Wherever possible, HRPA works with suppliers and vendors who are committed to sustainability and eco-responsibility. Beyond competitive pricing, service and quality, we look for partners who think as green as we do in providing their products and services.

Among other things, this means using FSC-approved paper stock and vegetable-based inks for print jobs, and generally being conscious of the impact our decisions have on the earth. The conference calendar in your hands, for instance, is printed using an FSC-certified printer and FSC-certified paper.

We’re all in this together
HRPA’s sustainability vision is “to ready HR professionals to lead sustainability change in the workplace by leveraging HRPA’s reach, thought leadership and best practices.”

Together we are building a brighter, greener tomorrow.