Date Time Speaker Room
Friday, February 03, 201212:10 PM - 1:00 PM
Susanna Hunter, Senior Research Analyst
Emily Saunders, Research Analyst


One of the biggest contributors to a disengaged workforce is lack of change following an engagement survey. Involving your employees in the process of identifying both short-term fixes and long-term strategies is critical to positively impacting your organization’s top engagement issues and getting the biggest bang for your engagement buck. Learn the five steps to winning engagement initiatives. Find out how to select change initiatives that treat causes, not symptoms, and involve staff from the beginning.


  • Use your organization’s employee engagement survey results to identify the top three priority areas to focus on improving those areas that scored poorly but are of high importance to your employees
  • Run effective brainstorming sessions with your department’s staff to conduct a gap analysis between current reality and ideal state
  • Use brainstorming sessions to generate ideas for engagement initiatives that will close those gaps
  • As a management team, compare and select the best change initiatives identified during the brainstorming sessions
  • Put the five steps to winning initiatives into action
  • Walk through a case study of a mid-sized organization to learn about successful initiatives that were implemented and why they were chosen—e.g., a rotational program that provides employees with more one-to-one contact with senior management


Susanna Hunter is a senior research analyst with McLean & Company. She has over 20 years’ experience in HR executive and practitioner roles in a wide variety of industries including financial services, technology, insurance and marketing communications.  Prior to joining McLean & Company, Susanna led the TD Canada Trust (TDCT) talent acquisition and programs team, a cross-functional team of HR specialists who manage many aspects of the talent management priorities for TDCT.

Susanna’s experience includes leading both generalist and specialist HR teams. Her expertise features strategic business partner roles, talent management, talent acquisition, HR metrics and reporting, diversity and organizational development in organizations ranging from 65 to over 70,000 employees.

Susanna has a bachelor of administrative studies degree from York University as well as a master of education with a specialization in workplace learning and change from the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.  She has received the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation and is a member of HRPA, the Strategic Capabilities Network and the Women’s Executive Network.

Emily Saunders is a research analyst with McLean & Company in the HR and leadership silo. Emily has conducted significant research and analysis to offer advice to HR and leadership clients on a variety of topics including interviewing techniques, employee engagement surveys, management communications and manager coaching. She is a member of the manager-in-training group, producing deliverables that improve the performance of managers through training and coaching. Emily has also conducted significant primary research, testing and analysis in order to advise clients on how to interpret and report data from employee engagement surveys and use the results to identify and implement necessary change. She is an advocate for using motivational techniques to create high-performing teams.

Prior to joining McLean & Company, Emily was a lecturer teaching financial and managerial accounting at the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario. Emily received her HBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.