Date Time Speaker Room
Friday, February 03, 201210:25 AM - 11:15 AM
Krista Siedlak, Lawyer


Terminating an employee is often the worst aspect of an HR professional’s job. Attend this session to learn the nuts and bolts of negotiating severance packages, including how to structure the package and what to include, when to negotiate and when to stand firm, the psychology of termination negotiations and how to prove an employee has failed to take reasonable efforts to mitigate his or her damages.


  • Understand the difference between the Employment Standards Act and common law
  • Learn to structure a win-win severance package
  • Appreciate the psychological factors at play in negotiating
  • Determine when to stand firm versus when to sweeten the pot
  • Find out how to establish an employee’s failure to mitigate


Krista Siedlak is an HR lawyer who has been in practice since 2002. Krista has a degree in commerce from McGill University and attended law school at Ottawa University, where she received a certificate in alternative dispute resolution.  Krista works extensively with employers to help them avoid costly litigation by training managers on proper discipline and performance management techniques, preparing policies and contracts and providing advice on how to manage workplace challenges. She also works extensively in the field of workplace respect, harassment and discrimination, frequently conducting respect in the workplace training sessions, preparing harassment and respect in the workplace policies and advising employers on human rights issues.

Krista speaks and writes frequently, including submissions for HRPA, the Peel chapter of HRPA and the Mississauga Board of Trade. Krista is an engaging and highly rated speaker who provides practical tips for HR professionals.