Date Time Speaker Room
Friday, February 03, 201210:25 AM - 11:15 AM
Liza Provenzano, Associate Vice-President HR Operations
Brian Ross, Senior Treasure Hunter


A series of organizational changes in the Human Resources function at Canadian Tire brought a group of staffing professionals from different HR teams to work as one. As the team came together, key decisions were required as to how the future processes would be centralized and standardized. Team members began to examine their current processes, looking for the opportunities for improvement. Using open minds and a structured approach to identify process waste, these opportunities appeared and presented new ideas on how to effectively deliver the recruiting service at Canadian Tire. The case study illustrates the successful partnering of Canadian Tire's internal teams with Organization Thoughtware International, to create dramatic process improvement results within the organization.


  • Find out how to examine your current processes in order to identify waste
  • Learn how to apply an approach to developing and implementing an improved workflow
  • Examine what cycles of learning within a team can look like, and how those can foster continuous improvement
  • Hear how Canadian Tire applied an approach that generated  and implemented process improvement ideas across their team
  • See how to sustain a continuous improvement mindset through process auditing


Liza Provenzano has over 15 years of experience in human resources. Working in manufacturing, distribution and corporate settings, she is an HR generalist with experience in organization development, talent management and health, safety and wellness. Liza’s experience in industrial workplaces provided exposure to lean management principles and she quickly became convinced that the lean approach could be applied in building effective HR practices as well. Leading the staffing operations team at Canadian Tire, Liza and her team used lean tools to improve key staffing metrics by 35-40 per cent.

Liza is passionate about teamwork and continuous improvement. She believes that there is always a way to do it better and that every member of a team has a contribution to make towards every goal.

Brian Ross, Organization Thoughtware International, has 25 years of line management experience. Over the past 15 years he has been honing his treasure hunting skills with a wide range of organizations from small entrepreneurial organizations to international enterprises. During the past 12 years Brian has worked with Organization Thoughtware International, a well recognized consulting firm. As a senior treasure hunter he has created dramatic process improvement results in areas such as productivity, quality, cycle time and cost.

Brian brings a unique process improvement perspective that is simple to learn and sustain, based on leading and teaching his clients to expose the treasures hidden within organizational processes, discovering how to extract the treasure and converting it into organizational value.  From a coal face 7,400 feet underground, to military helicopter assembly, to back office processing in India, Brian has worked with teams both top-down and bottom-up. Whether the process be a management-based policy or transactional-based procedure, Brian knows there is an opportunity to do it “better, faster, safer and cheaper.”