Date Time Speaker Room
Friday, February 03, 201210:25 AM - 11:15 AM
David Cohen, President


When the values of employees align with the values of your organization, you create a workplace that will survive crises and thrive. But understanding the landscape of organizational values is tricky. This session draws on the presenter’s real-world experience in improving business execution by focusing on values and the corresponding behaviours for those values.  One case study examines how shared values helped the Calgary Police Service secure a G8 meeting without violence or incident.


  • Dispel common misconceptions about corporate culture and the notion of values
  • Learn what differentiates overt values from covert values
  • Examine actions you can take to define the real meaning of your corporate values
  • Explore the impact of articulating values in clear statements of behaviour
  • See what happens when you attempt to benchmark or identify best practices regarding corporate values and culture
  • Find out how your corporate values can produce sustainable business success
  • Understand what makes highly competent and experienced leaders fail


David Cohen founded Strategic Action Group in 1991 and today he is a principal consultant with them. His passion is about aligning people practices with a company’s culture and strategic business plan. He has been speaking on the topic of behavioural competencies as a business tool aligned with the business strategy for over 23 years. His work crosses all business sectors and he has worked with corporations around the globe.  David is the author of The Talent Edge, published by Wiley and Sons in 2001. His book Inside the Box: Leading With Corporate Values to Drive Sustained Business Success was published by Jossey-Bass in 2006.