Date Time Speaker Room
Friday, February 03, 20127:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Peter Jensen, Professional Speaker, Authority on Leadership and High Performance


How do you motivate people to reach their full potential?  In a world where efficiency and competency are paramount, this is a vital question.  It’s also a question this session’s presenter has spent a lifetime investigating through his work with Olympic athletes, business executives and successful coaches. Discover the five core practices he believes underpin exceptional leadership in any context—your key to developing people, passion and productivity.


  • Inspire high performance in all circumstances
  • Attract the best people and keep them
  • Utilize the powerful skill of imagery to provide direction, motivation and feedback
  • Get straight to the root cause of performance problems
  • Learn how successful leaders use their words and actions to build trust
  • Manage yourself and others more skilfully under pressure


Peter Jensen is a dynamic, internationally sought-after speaker and renowned innovator.  As the founder of Performance Coaching Inc., one of Canada’s premiere training companies, he’s an authority on leadership and high performance who has worked with Fortune 500 companies in eight countries, enhancing the performance of top executives and organizations. Peter has attended seven Olympic games and has worked with over 40 medal-winning athletes and their coaches, helping them achieve top results under intense pressure, including most recently, the gold-medal winning women’s hockey team. He’s an instructor at Canada’s foremost executive development school, the Queen’s School of Business and a best-selling author.  Peter’s most recent book, Igniting the Third Factor, was voted among the top 10 business books of the year by The Globe and Mail. It offers solutions on how to get others committed to reaching their full potential. An experienced communicator in television, radio and print, he has been featured on ABC, CBS, CBC and CTV and in a wide array of print media in North America and Europe.