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2012-2014 HRPA Strategic Plan

​Download the 2012-14 Strategic Plan (PDF) 

HRPA is a member-driven association and, ultimately, a key measure of our value is how effectively we support and advance our members’ careers.

In support of this, HRPA has introduced a new, aspirational 2012-14 Strategic Plan that focuses on how effective we can be as an association to support members’ careers and future-proof their capabilities. It addresses programs in three broad areas: enriching the member experience, improving protection of the public, and expanding HRPA influence in setting public policy.

Enrich the Member Experience

We will increase members’ career opportunities by building professional capability through topical—and affordable—professional development. This includes introduction of CareerGPS™, a Career Map utility that helps get members where they want to be, and pinpoints the skills and education they need to get there.

We will enhance the credibility of the profession and designations by educating stakeholders (employers, employees, government, business) on the need for effective HR strategy and practice and the necessity of CHRPs/SHRPs to create and implement these strategies in organizations.

And we will bolster member engagement at both the HRPA and chapter levels by improving communications, training, recognition and support. Key to this is increasing volunteering and mentoring opportunities so members can contribute, build skills, network and get the most out of membership.

Improve Protection of the Public

We will promote HRPA as the preeminent HR association in Ontario; raise our reputation as a “benchmark” organization for overall professional association effectiveness; and establish us as a credible regulator with protections for Ontario workers. Our ultimate goal is to establish HRPA as Tier 1 regulator of the HR profession.

We will need a comprehensive communications strategy that raises the profile and importance of the profession and HRPA members with other stakeholders; and bolsters the confidence of HR professionals about their role in organizations.

Expand HRPA Influence

We want to build our influence in setting public policy to ensure  decisions made by governments and other decision makers reflects the needs of members, organizations and the profession.

This means creating a voice that speaks to policy makers, as well as something to say when we get there. We are already a go-to source for review of draft workplace legislation; however, our goal is to influence policy before it’s written.

Our Future of Work project—an examination of the trends (economic, social, technological, environmental and demographic) shaping the Canadian workplace—will be a starting point in giving us something to talk about in future workplace policy and legislation, for instance, to influence how industrial policy is forumulated, and to help advance what is taught in HR curricula so that future HR practitioners continue to have the right skills at the right time.

Critical Success Factors

There are three pillars that underpin our ability to execute this new strategic plan: Engaged Volunteers, Committed Staff, and Financial Strength.

HRPA volunteers are instrumental in helping govern the Association and fill many key roles. To ensure volunteers remain invested in HRPA we will continue to recognize their contributions, provide training and expand opportunities for all members to get involved.

We will maintain a performance-driven culture among HRPA staff, ensuring the best people are in the right roles, engaged and committed to what they do. We’re on the right track: our 2011 employee engagement survey came back with an 88 per cent engagement score.

In terms of financial strength, a financial reserve position of at least 50 per cent of expenses in conservative investments allows us to produce multiple projects and programs with the security of a solid foundation. We’ll continue to carefully steward members’ money, functioning efficiently in a business-like way.

To assess our progress in executing the 2012-14 Strategic Plan, we will track key measures, Our previous strategic plan laid the groundwork—robust governance practices, a reconstituted practical HR research arm, stronger links with government and a more credible regulatory framework—to accomplish the vision laid out in the 2012-14 Strategic Plan. This new plan builds on these accomplishments and will set the stage for a next evolution of HRPA and the HR profession in Ontario.

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To be a global leader in advancing the human resources profession as the essential driver of business strategy and organizational success.


HRPA is a professional association that advances our members' careers and enhances the standing of the human resources profession while ensuring protection of the public.

Core Values

Evidenced by clear articulation of a compelling vision for the future of the HR profession coupled with the courage to make decisions and take appropriate actions in a timely manner with accountability for effective stewardship of members' investment of time, money and engagement.

Evidenced by fostering collaboration and creative thinking, the sharing of knowledge and continuous improvement that sustains excellence.

Evidenced by uncompromised dedication to professionalism, respect for others, and responsiveness to our members' needs, all with the intent of protecting the public.